PhD Research Opportunities

PhD Research Opportunities

Doctoral research

A PhD (doctoral) programme of work must make a distinct contribution to knowledge and afford evidence of originality as shown by the exercise of independent critical powers. Yet a PhD is first and foremost a learning trajectory aimed at preparing you to conduct independent good research. Given this, research training in CHERI is supported closely by a dedicated Graduate School, who will work closely with you to ensure you receive excellent research-specific and generic skills training to equip you for future employment in research and other industries.


Highly experienced and internationally acknowledged researchers provide supervision for designing and conducting studies, and writing for presentation and publication. Research students follow a series of assessments and monitoring throughout their supervised study period.

The process involves regular presenting at local symposia, which is both excellent practice and a great opportunity to get feedback on your work from a diverse audience.

Thesis format

Most UK universities adhere to the traditional dissertation format of a 70, 00 - 100, 000 word PhD thesis, plus a closed viva voce (oral examination with experts).  While that is the norm at the University of Aberdeen, there is also the possibility of a more European-style 'PhD with publications', although with a closed viva voce rather than public PhD “defence”.

Thesis with publications is the preferred approach within CHERI.

For more information, please contact us to discuss PhD opportunities.