Professor Euan Phimister

Professor Euan Phimister

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Professor Euan Phimister
Professor Euan Phimister

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Euan Phimister is an economist with long standing research interests in household behaviour in particular with respect to imperfect markets e.g. credit markets.  His recent work focusses on links between energy and rural development, including understanding the interrelationships between food production, access to energy and water in farm households in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

A significant proportion of his work has involved economic modelling including current work on modelling debt sustainability in resource rich countries.  He also has a number of ongoing research interests in health economics including the use of Discrete Choice Experiments as part of long stand collaborations with the Health Economics Research Unit at Aberdeen.    

Over the years this research has been published in a range of journals including the Economic Journal, American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsOxford Economic Papers, Journal of Urban EconomicsEnvironmental and Resource EconomicsJournal of Health EconomicsHealth Economics European Review of Agricultural Economics and Journal of Agricultural Economics.   

He is an Honorary Reseach Associate at the James Hutton Institute and has held visiting positions at INRA, Rennes and at the Agricultural Economics Institute in the Hague.  Within the School he is part of the he  Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance   and The Centre for European Labour Market Research    In recent years he has been involved in a range of UK Research Council funded interdisciplinary projects focussed on Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Research Interests

Household Economics, Access to Energy and Energy Poverty,  Water and Energy Interactions, Debt Sustainability in Resource Rich Countries, Decision Making in Health 

Current Research

The main focus of his current work is around household behaviour and links to agriculture, energy and rural development, and understanding the interrelationships between food production, energy poverty and access to energy in particularly for households in Sub-Saharan Africa.  In addition he is also undertaking research on modelling debt sustainability in resource rich countries, and on decison making within DCEs

He was PI of an interdisplinary project funded by the ESRC on the water, food energy nexus (IPORE). He is Co-I on a NERC-DfiD funded project on building resilience to drought in Ethiopia (BREAD); and PI on a British Academy funded project examining the use of existing large scale datasets in Sub-Saharan Africa with partners in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.   



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International Financial Management 

Empirical Methods in Finance Research

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REF2014 & REF2021 Agriculture sub-panel member.  Associate Editor Journal of Agricultural Economics.