Since 2011, over 700 University of Aberdeen current students have been matched with mentors.

The Career Mentoring Programme links working professionals with current students. The programme enables mentors to share their professional experience and expertise and to support students in developing their own career ideas. Over a 6-month period, mentors usually spend 1-2 hours per month in contact with their mentees.

The Career Mentoring Programme gave me the opportunity to address  fears, questions and uncertainties I had about my career path with someone who faced similar problems and doubts along her way. Being able to speak to my mentor, who is a successful female scientist and a true role model, about all my doubts and questions allowed me to get a clearer view of the path ahead. My mentor gave me the ability to trust in my abilities and to not fear my weaknesses and the confidence that all will be fine in the end."

Katrin Ciecielski, MSc Bio-Business and Medical Sciences

The programme is now open to graduates from other universities who wish to engage with our students.