Industry Advisory Boards

Business partnerships

Collaboration and Consulting

Working with businesses and industry to provide expertise and expand collaborative research opportunities

Industry Advisory Boards

Our Boards consist of internal and external representatives, including students and alumni, employers, community stakeholders and regional and national organisations. Their purpose is to enhance and inform our education, employability development, research collaborations and business engagement strategies. The sector-specific Boards help shape the curriculum and educational opportunities for students within specific programmes of study.

Current Boards include:

The School of Engineering also has several Programme Advisory Boards:

School of Engineering Programme Advisory Boards
  • School of Engineering Advisory Board
  • Decommissioning Advisory Board
  • Energy Transition Systems and Technologies Advisory Board
  • Petroleum Engineering Advisory Board
  • Process Safety Advisory Board
  • Renewable Energy Engineering Advisory Board
  • Safety and Reliability Engineering Advisory Board
  • Subsea Engineering Advisory Board
  • Transport and Intelligent Mobility Advisory Board
  • Biomedical Engineering Advisory Board

There are opportunities for external organisations, employers and alumni to join our Boards.

Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to influence developments within academic disciplines.
  • Awareness of the University‚Äôs strategic priorities, and other partnership working opportunities.
  • Professional networking with academics staff, careers advisers and students.

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