To search by plant name

  1. Select the genus by either selecting from the drop-down list, or by typing the first letter of the genus (which takes you to that part of the drop down list).
  2. Then do the same for the species
  3. The plant record will appear. Click anywhere in the record and details of the location will appear.
  4. If you click again on the details, a map of the Garden will open in a new window showing the area in which the specimen can be found (note that the green arrow does not show the exact location of the plant) 

To search by location

  1. If you know the location of interest, choose it from the drop down list
  2. A list of plants in the chosen location is shown
  3. Further details for each plant can be obtained by clicking in the relevant box
  4. If you do not know the name of the location of interest click on 'choose from map'. A map will open in a new window. Click the map on the area of interest and the list of plants in the chosen location will be displayed.

If you know only the common name, or part of the latin name, of the plant you are looking for, use the 'Search' tab

  1. Type in what you know and the database will display all the plants which have that sequence of letters in their latin or common name
  2. Note that not all the plants in the garden have common names in the database