Current PhDs

Current PhDs

Recent or ongoing PhD/MD Student Projects with Aberdeen Centre for Women's Health Research

Improving clinical prediction models in in vitro fertilisation treatment - Mariam Ratna

Obstetric and perinatal outcomes in pregnancies conceived using donor sperm as compared with those using partner sperm - Christopher Allen

Investigating clinical and molecular (microbiome) correlates of response to topical steroid treatment in patients with erosive oral/vulvo-vaginal lichen planus - Sreedevi Poovathumkadavil Unnikrishnan 

Obstetrics and perinatal outcomes after cleavage versus blastocyst transfer - Nicola Marconi

Role of home semen analysis in Modern fertility work up - Ashleigh Holt-Kentwell

Couple`s based weight loss intervention for fertility - Emma Hunter

What can big data tell us about maternal epilepsy? - Paolo Mazzone (University of Edinburgh)

NIPT screening in Scotland - Elinor Sebire

Maternity care experiences of asylum seeker and refugee women in Scotland - Heba Farajallah

Multimorbidity in pregnancy - Siang Ing Lee (University of Birmingham)


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