Looking Forward

Looking Forward

What will a Centre for Women's Health achieve?


New Facility

Since a 2014 commitment by the Scottish Government to fund a new health facility on the Foresterhill Health Campus in Aberdeen, plans to replace the existing Aberdeen Maternity Hospital have evolved, with the new facility to include breast screening, breast surgery and gynaecology services.  This new "Baird Family Hospital" will be named in recognition of the contribution made to women's health by Professor Dugald Baird and the Baird family in the North East of Scotland and across the world.

Crucially, within the Baird Family Hospital there will be facilities dedicated to the Aberdeen centre for Women's Health Research, allowing us to bring together a multi-disciplinary team to generate the answers to important questions in women's health and to evaluate impact and implementation into personalised clinical care.

New Staff

To expand our scope and collaborations, we are attracting world class academic clinicians to come to new key posts within the Centre, each with a research team to support their programme of ground breaking work.  This will include an increase in the number of research students and training opportunities within the Centre.

New Research

We aim to produce novel ways of desigining cllinical trials, predictive modelling, diagnostics, evidence synthesis and decision support tools as well as the next generation of observational studies.  Our world class Research Centre will continue to address women's clinical needs at different stages of their lives, and identify the best ways to deliver effective and personalised care. In contrast to many other Centres for Reproductive Health in the UK which focus on laboratory science, our focus is on population based research with direct impact on clinical care - keeping women at the heart of the research.