Aberdeen Dental Society

We are a student run society for students and staff of the Institute of Dentistry.

We aim to raise awareness and profile of the Institute of Dentistry, as well as organise social, educational and vocational events for students and staff.

Aberdeen DermSoc

Aberdeen DermSoc aims to widen student knowledge of dermatology and promote interest in dermatological careers.

Dermatology at the University of Aberdeen forms only a small part of our curriculum, with approximately 2 weeks designated to the speciality.  Our society believes students could benefit from further exposure to the field and aims to achieve this through talks and tutorials pertaining to dermatology. 

Aberdeen Global Surgery Society (AGSS)

A group of medical students who are passionate about improving surgical, anaesthesia and obstetric care globally!

Aberdeen Global Surgery Society (AGSS) was set up to create a platform for medical students to promote discussions about the disparity in surgical, anaesthesia and obstetric care around the world, especially in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

Collaborating with global surgical and humanitarian societies, we aim to tackle these inequalities through awareness, education and research in global surgery. Come and be a part of AGSS, where there are endless of opportunities to make changes happen!

Aberdeen GP Society

Aberdeen GP Society aims to promote general practice as a career to medical students, providing talks and practical events throughout the year.

If you are interested in breadth of knowledge and lifelong learning in many branches of medicine, General Practice could be for you. The GP Society aims to provide you with talks and practical events lead by experienced and knowledgeable GP’s, so you can have some prior knowledge of the career to help you decide if General Practice is for you.

Aberdeen HeartStart

A student run society involved in teaching school pupils some basic life support

HeartStart is an exciting student run society which allows members to teach basic first aid to school pupils. We teach pupils in the Aberdeen area and want to promote the importance and practice of safe and effective basic life support.

Aberdeen Marrow

We are a pioneering student charity who find matches for blood cancer patients needing a lifesaving transplant

We are Aberdeen Marrow, a pretty special bunch of students who help save the lives of people with blood cancer. We are part of a student network of over 40 UK universities and 7 abroad that volunteers for the charity Anthony Nolan.  Their vision is, ultimately, to save the lives of everyone who needs a bone marrow or stem transplant.  In order to achieve this, Aberdeen Marrow helps to find bone marrow and stem cell donors for those in need of a transplant and raise precious funds for the vital work of Anthony Nolan!

Aberdeen Medic Outreach Society

AMOS aims to widen access to medical school and consequently the medical profession

The Aberdeen Medic Outreach Society aims to widen access to medical school by providing support and opportunities for high school students when applying to and entering medical school.

Aberdeen Medical Humanities Society

A society that showcases the rigour and beauty of medicine through works of art, literature, music and history.

As future doctors, we believe in improving the quality of life through proficient health management. We have chosen to pursue a career in one of the hardest, most emotionally complex professions. This Society is a place for you to explore the intricate meaning of medicine: the place it holds in history, the unique and unifying experiences of generations of doctors and, most importantly, the value it has to patients past, present, and future.

Aberdeen Medical Women’s Association

The mission of AMWA is to promote female leadership and empower women to achieve their professional ambitions within medicine and academic research.

We aim to achieve this through holding career-focused events and workshops for members to learn new skills, create personal and professional connections through an established mentorship programme and small group meetings to allow members to discuss and share opportunities and challenges.  Overall, AMWA hopes to promote female leadership and to overturn gender stereotypes and achieve equality in the workplace, especially in surgery and academic medicine.

 Aberdeen Medics Badminton Club

Medics Badminton Club for all levels and abilities

Aberdeen Medics Badminton Society is a fun, relaxed society where everyone from beginners to experts can come along to participate.  Each session has free time and organised games.  Each year we send a team to SNIMS. 

Aberdeen Medics Basketball Club

Aberdeen Medics Basketball Club 

The Medics basketball club offers a great opportunity for those of all skill levels to play some basketball in a relaxed and fun environment. Everyone is welcome; those who’d like to try something new, those who’ve played for years and everything in between. Weekly sessions will be held at ASV and after 18 months of lockdown various fun socials throughout the term will be much appreciated to get to know everyone better off the court.

Aberdeen Medics Football Club

Founded by medical students for all medical science students, we marry the social and competitive sides of football that prioritise good attitude and a sense of humour.

We are the only medical sports team to compete against other university teams in the BUCS league.  We also take part against other medical schools in the annual SNIMS (which we won this year 2016-17) and NAMS events.  We also focus on the social side, regularly hosting 7s matches at ASV as well as regular socials throughout the year (both are a crucial part of AUMFC).

All are welcome, so come along to our trials and see how you get on!

Aberdeen Medics Netball Team

A fun and sociable recreational netball team for Aberdeen’s Medical Students

Medic’s Netball is a recreational netball team open to all medical students of any ability, at Aberdeen University.  Throughout the year we hold various training sessions and organise friendly matched with various local teams.  By joining our society you will be invited to attend some of the best social and sporting events of the year, including SNIMS and Medic Sports Ball.  The club will enable you to meet other students with similar interests whilst also giving you the opportunity to improve both your fitness and netball skills.

Aberdeen Medics Rugby Football Club

A rugby team within the medical school welcoming to members from all backgrounds.

The AMRFC is a rugby club within the medical school who play in the SRU Caledonia leagues at weekends. We offer a high standard of rugby with regular training sessions and social events. As well as yearly competition in the Scottish and Northern Irish Medical Schools competition (SNIMS), charity fundraising events and tours, we hope to offer our members a close group of friends who will support them through university and beyond. Regardless of if you have played rugby before or are studying medicine, you will be welcomed into the AMRFC with open arms.

Aberdeen Medics Swimming Club

Student run swimming team for medical students and physician associates

Aberdeen medics swim team is a great society for anyone interested in swimming. We aim to help you improve your technique and gain confidence and fitness in the pool while igniting a passion for swimming.  It is also a great way to meet new friends in other years and take a break from studying! All abilities welcome.

Aberdeen Medics Volleyball Club

Fun, energetic and relaxed.

Do you fancy a laugh? Do you fancy a good time? Do you fancy a chilled sport? Then volleyball is the society for you! We are a light-hearted, fun team always looking to recruit new members - we welcome people of all abilities and this is a great way to relax from the university curriculum. We meet fortnightly for training and have socials throughout the year – things are of course different for the club this year but as soon as circumstances allow we can’t wait to come back! Search us on Facebook for more - ‘Aberdeen Medics Volleyball Club’.

Aberdeen MedTech

Aberdeen MedTech strives to raise awareness of the role of technology in health care amongst medical students.

As a society, we aim to create a space for medical students to familiarize themselves with the technologies that could transform the practice of medicine. As such, our events will include talks from clinicians, engineers and entrepreneurs that have contributed to MedTech innovation. Moreover, data analysis is the cornerstone of medical research and coding is becoming a critical skill in various disciplines. Therefore, we also aim to provide students with the fundamental knowledge in these areas through the organisation of practical workshops. Through this, we strive to equip students with the tools to keep up with the increasingly digitised landscape of medicine.

Aberdeen Mindfulness Society

Our society aims to provide student support via student led advice and techniques based around the concept of mindfulness.  We hope to help students to look after their mental health during their time at Uni and beyond.

Medicine is a stressful profession and our society aims to help students manage their workload and provide them with the tools to thrive both within the course and into their professional lives.

 Aberdeen Musical Medics Society (AMMS)

Musical society with instrumental groups including the chamber orchestra, string ensemble, wind ensemble, traditional and jazz groups

The musical medics society is a non-auditioning orchestra for medical students of all standards of musical ability to play together in a social and inclusive setting. We run an orchestra and multiple ensembles, with the option for smaller groups and soloists to perform with us at our annual Christmas charity concert. Rehearsals are arranged around our busy schedules and run weekly from the start of the year in September until the concert, with smaller group activities in the spring term. This includes regular socials and post rehearsal pub trips! Whatever you play we've got space for you.

Aberdeen Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society

Enrich student knowledge of reproductive and genitourinary medicine and promote a career in obstetrics and gynaecology to medical students.

The society offers an insight into the care of the pregnant woman and management of diseases specific to women and sexual health. We aim to promote a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as Genitourinary medicine through talks and workshops. The society hopes to engage students through a range of educational opportunities from revision seminars and clinical skills practice to student debates. We hope to increase awareness of global matters such as period poverty and female genital mutilation through talks by specialists. In addition, we will fundraise for charities that help protect vulnerable women and support those locally in Aberdeen who have suffered a miscarriage. Be part of a society that will engage its students at all levels, providing knowledge about sub-specialities, research and electives. The society is affiliated with the British Undergraduate Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. We welcome students at all levels of medical school to come along, meet the committee and enjoy the range of activities we can offer you as an undergraduate.

Aberdeen Ophthalmology Society

A student led society to promote Ophthalmology as a Career

The main aim of the Aberdeen Ophthalmology Society it to promote Ophthalmology as a career to all medical students at the university.  Unlike other specialties, Ophthalmology involves a combination of surgery and medicine.  These treatments can often be life changing to patients making this specialty extremely rewarding.

During clinical years, Ophthalmology is only covered for one week and as a society we would like medical students to know about this specialty.  Over the academic year, we aim to introduce clinical knowledge in Ophthalmology that would otherwise not be taught in our undergraduate teaching.

Students that are interested in joining our society, please contact us through email or Facebook!

Aberdeen Singaporean and Malaysian Society

Creating a family for Singaporeans and Malaysians in Aberdeen

Aberdeen University Singaporean and Malaysian Medical Society is a student-led club bringing together Singaporeans and Malaysians living away from home. We hope to build a community of familiarity, support and encouragement to help see you through your entire journey here. Whether it be celebrating cultural festivals together, getting advice from seniors or just to be near a familiar accent, we want to be there for you lah! So come join us for a little bit of home right here in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Sports and Exercise Medicine Society

Inter-university society for healthcare students and professionals interested in Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEMS)

Inter-university society (between RGU and the University of Aberdeen) raising awareness of Sports & Exercise Medicine.  This is a newfound healthcare speciality recognised in 2005 by the NHS.  We aim to hold regular events including; evening talks from visiting healthcare specialists on SEM topics, providing students with an opportunity to gain relevant work experience, share knowledge and experiences and provide an avenue to conferences/courses/journals.  JOIN TO FIND OUT MORE!

This year we have won a bid to host the annual undergraduate SEMs conference in Edinburgh (this is the first time it has been in Scotland).  This adds extra work for the committee so we are looking to recruit more members and committee members.

Aberdeen Student Society for Academic Medicine (ASSAM)

Aberdeen Student Society for Academic Medicine (ASSAM) fosters interest in medical research amongst undergraduate medical students

The aims of our society are to inspire medical students to pursue a career in academia and highlight the importance of basic research skills and critical appraisal in every day clinical practice.  Our activities include monthly journal club meetings, public engagement events, and various evenings aimed at preparation for academic foundation program applications.  Our society is also evolving to integrate academically themed dentistry events.

The key event in our calendar is the Academic Careers Evening, where talks are delivered by accomplished clinical academics from a diverse range of specialties.  A high-profile speaker delivers the keynote lecture.

Aberdeen University Anaesthetics Society

We aim to promote interest in the specialty of Anaesthetics

Aberdeen University Anaesthetics Society is a student run society that will organise events throughout the year for those interested in anaesthetics. The society aims to run themed lecture evenings, delivered by experts in the field as well as offering career and CV building advice.

There will also be opportunities for additional training and demonstration of anaesthetic procedures and equipment.


Aberdeen University Medic Hockey Club

A fun mixed-gender hockey club for Aberdeen’s Medical Students

We are a mixed-gender recreational hockey club open to medical students of all abilities.  We have over 50 regularly playing members that meet on a semi-regular basis to train for events including matches against the OCT, other university medic teams, ‘Doctors vs. Medics’, 5th years vs. the rest’ and SNIMS.  We also have social events throughout the year such as the Medics Sports Ball and our Christmas Social.  This club is a great opportunity to keep active and meet other like-minded medical students.


Aberdeen University Medics Tennis Club 

Enriching the experience of tennis for medical students.

Here at Aberdeen University Medic Tennis Club we offer a friendly environment to relax and play tennis. We understand that the past year has been difficult for all and we appreciate the importance of having fun at university. This is why we will have a focus on enhancing the social side of the club and make it a memorable experience whilst still playing competitive tennis. Regardless of if you are swinging the racket for the first time or are a seasoned ATP Tour professional, we will accommodate. We look forward to seeing you.

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Aberdeen University Medics Ultimate Frisbee Team

A fun and relaxed team for medics with an interest in Ultimate Frisbee.

A fun and relaxed team for medics with an interest in Ultimate Frisbee. The purpose of the team will be to compete in friendly competitions, including against other medical schools across Scotland and Northern Ireland in the annual SNIMS event.

Aberdeen University Medics Women's Football Club

Women’s football team for Medical Students at Aberdeen University

We aim to provide a break from the books and a chance to keep fit through weekly football training sessions.  Our doors are open to all levels, whether you’re very experienced or have never kicked a ball in your life.  Some of our bigger competitions include SNIMS and NAMS.  This year we also hope to organise friendly’s with Dundee Medics.  There will also be the chance to let your hair down at our social events and the annual Medics Sports Ball.

Aberdeen University Paediatric Society (AUPS)

Aberdeen University Paediatrics Society (AUPS) is a group of medical students interested in paediatrics and child health. We hope to encourage other medical and PA students to explore this specialty.

We aim to provide additional learning events to enhance students’ knowledge and broaden their experience in paediatrics. We also fundraise for local children's charities!

Our Paediatric Play Volunteering project enables a limited number of Year 1-3 and intercalating medical students to assist Play Therapists at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

Save a Life with AUPS teaches Save a Baby and Child’s Life workshops in the community.

Acute, Critical and Emergency Care Society

A Society for Medical and PA Students interested in Acute, Critical and Emergency Medicine

If you are interested in a career in Acute, Critical or Emergency Medicine, want to practice your skills and even work alongside clinical staff in A&E at night, then we’re the society for you.  ACES will be bringing you a variety of talks, practical workshops and other events throughout the year, as well as continuing to run our A&E volunteering scheme and introducing our brand new AMIA volunteering scheme!

Arab Cultural Society

An inclusive society for students who are interested in the culture, food and tradition found in various Arab countries.

The Arab Cultural Society is a society for everyone that is interested in the incredible culture found in various Arab countries. It is for those who want to learn about the beauty, eloquence and diversity found within the Arabic language, to try delicious traditional foods or to learn more about a culture that values generosity and hospitality. Even better, throughout the year we will be raising money for worthy causes all over the world!  

Black Medics Scotland Aberdeen

Black Medics Scotland (BMS) Aberdeen is a UK based organisation (charity) set up to tackle the under-representation of African-Caribbean people within the British medical profession. 

Black Medics Scotland (BMS) Aberdeen is a UK based organisation (charity) set up to tackle the under-representation of African-Caribbean people within the British medical profession. We also aim to provide a network for black medical students and doctors, as well as mentor and offer assistance to black students interested in studying medicine. 

British Medical Association

An organisation that stands up and supports medical students and doctors

The BMA is the trade union for medical students and doctors, providing a platform for members to voice their views at a national level. The society works to provide support and advice in the areas of student welfare, finance and education. We also work closely with our junior doctor colleagues to ensure students are kept well informed about the future of the medical profession.

Finally, the BMA library is a fantastic resource available to all student members.


A society for medical and PA students that are interested in haematology and oncology

CHaemO is the student oncology and haematology society at the University of Aberdeen.  Our society aims to promote cancer awareness, as well as provide information about the specialties of oncology and haematology and relevent academic research.  We host educational lectures at the University of Aberdeen, as well as carry out revision sessions, host charity events at the Suttie Centre and carry out public engagement projects to promote healthier lifestyles and minimise onco-promoting habits within the student population. We also organise events promoting careers in these specialities.

Christian Medical Fellowship

Uniting and Equipping Christian Medical Students and Doctors

Connect & Grow, Speak & Serve

The Christian Medical Fellowship unites and equips Christian medical students, doctors and nurses to live and speak for Jesus Christ.  We regularly meet to encourage one and other over a meal.


Aberdeen University's society of pathology and radiology

How do you diagnose pneumonia, liver cirrhosis or sickle cell anaemia without the help of diagnostic specialities?

Our aim is to promote and educate medical students about medical specialities used to aid diagnosis of conditions such as pathology and radiology. We are determined to bust the myth that these specialties are boring and reclusive, and to bring them a new exciting look!

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Promoting interest and education of a specialty that deals with one of the most globally prevalent diseases as well as all other glands and their respective hormones

Unlike may other specialities, Endocrinology has rapidly increased in demand, with 1 in 11 people worldwide estimated to suffer from diabetes. The endocrine system in the most important system within our body with functions ranging from controlling mood to growth and development. Endocrinology is dynamic with research ranging from transgender medicine to thyroid cancer. Our society aims to bring exciting insight with topical debates, podcasts, career talks, guest lectures by innovative UK researchers and patient with rare conditions. We also conduct revision workshops and fundraise for local charities. Are you ready to join our society to benefit the world?


Foresterhill Muslim Students Association (FHMSA - A subcommittee of Aberdeen University Muslim Students Association)

Providing Muslim Students with representation and support on the Foresterhill Campus, involving the entire population based at Foresterhill.

FHMSA aims to support our peers in both their learning and spiritual well-being.  We aim to work closely with the AUMSA to host a range of educational events such as lectures to support the medical students as well as hosting social events which aim to provide benefit to our community such as Charity Week and various other fundraising events. 

Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières Aberdeen

At Aberdeen FoMSF, we support the work of Médecins Sans Frontières by fundraising and raising awareness for the humanitarian work MSF carry out. We as a student society are also passionate for highlighting topics related to the work MSF do such as health inequality and conflict. From fun socials, guest speakers, to our online shop, and much more, there are many ways to get involved! There’s a wide variety of students you can meet, and we welcome anyone with a passion for MSF and their ethos with warm open arms!

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Society

This society is for people interested in both the medical and surgical careers you can peruse in gastroenterology.

Our society aims to promote Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Unsure of whether you want to go into medicine or surgery? Well our society caters to both these fields and will host many events showing the diverse nature of the specialists. You don't need to make your mind up straight away! We will be hosting numerous events throughout the year, consolidating knowledge learnt in class as well as helping you out when it comes to revision and exams.  We like to say "what goes in must come out", as we will teach you about everything that happens in between!

Geriatric Medicine Student Society (GEMSS)

The main aim of GEMSS is to promote elderly medicine as a specialty to medical students.

We aim to give students experience and training in some of the practical skills required in care of elderly individuals that are not otherwise emphasised in undergraduate teaching.  We combine this with activities that make a small difference to elderly patients in hospital, such as our popular student volunteering scheme. In early 2021 we began our first charitable campaign, collecting tiny hats for the Innocent Big Knit to raise money for Age UK.

GradSoc 2021


The Social and Fundraising Society for the Class of 2021

We want to unite the year through different events and fun activities, all while fundraising to give us the best Halfway Ball and Grad Ball possible!

GradSoc 2023

Social and fundraising society for the Medical School Class of 2023

We aim to bring you the best Halfway and Grad Ball possible. We hope our events and fundraising activities will bring our year together so we can have the best time at the University of Aberdeen Medical School.

GradSoc 2024 

Social and Fundraising society for the Medical School Class of 2024

We aim to bring the class of 2024 the best Halfway and Grad Ball possible! We hope our events and fundraising activities will bring our year together so we can have a memorable time at the University of Aberdeen Medical School.


Immunology & Infectious Diseases Society

Promoting the specialties of Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

From Global pandemics to the looming threat of anti-biotic resistance; Immunotherapy to autoimmune diseases. As the Immunology & Infectious disease society we provide a platform to discuss topics such as these in a number of ways; talks, interactive scenarios and workshops. Get infected with a passion for IIDs!

InterProfessional Education (IPE) Society

An award- winning society that promotes interprofessional working and learning about other healthcare roles.

IPEsoc promotes interprofessional working through events focused on wide-ranging topics, from Mental Health, to Infection, to Surgery- but always emphasising looking at patient care from various perspectives.

Our events involve students rotating around a range of stations organised and delivered by teams of healthcare students (plus some guest speakers). One station might be trying out some of the equipment used by biomedical scientists, the next demonstration and discussion of an exercise routine delivered by physiotherapists, and the next a roleplay scenario focused on interacting with patients with different communication challenges. We certainly try to keep switching things up!

Medical Genetics: Aberdeen

Medical Genetics at Aberdeen offers the opportunity to get a better understanding of the importance of genetics in medicine through talks, conferences and workshops.

Genetics is among the basic sciences that provide the basis of precision medicine. The result of this being its crucial role in personalised medicine. Our events range from examining how differences at the molecular level can cause an altered phenotype to guidance on how to get involved with research specific to genetics and the Clinical Genetics department. We will also be offering opportunities to get involved in teaching Genetics in association with the Clinical Genetics department at the University of Aberdeen. Join us and learn how genetics is making the world a better place every day!

Peer Assisted Learning (PALS)

Medical School Peer Assisted Learning Scheme

To enhance and enrich current medical education with high quality student-led tutorials, mentorships and activities.

Sensory Awareness Society

Raise awareness and money for charities that aid people with sensory impairment, and provide skills and training to aid medical students in practice.

The Sensory Awareness Society aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by sensory impaired individuals. We support North-East Sensory Services and Guide Dogs, two amazing local charities. We also offer sensory awareness training, in partnership with North-East Sensory Services, and British Sign Language Workshops. These are great opportunities to enhance your skillset, especially if you intend to work in healthcare, and learn how to support sensory impaired individuals. Through our society, you will also have the opportunity to visit guide dogs in training, attend seminars, fundraising events and socials!

Sexpression Aberdeen

Empowering young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health

Sexpression Aberdeen is part of a network of students based in Aberdeen, who have an interest in education and sexual and reproductive health. We run workshops in schools teaching sex-ed as well as topics such as consent and LGBT issues. We also run talks, discussions and training sessions for other students and promote sexual health and awareness on campus.

Students for Global Health Aberdeen

"Students for Global Health (SfGH) is a student-led registered charity which aims to tackle health and social inequalities at global and local level, via education, advocacy and community action.

There are so many aspects of global health to get involved in; such as climate change, women and reproductive rights, mental health, international human rights - and many more!
We work within a larger international organisation, International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) which provides unique opportunities to both medical and non-medical students ranging from research opportunities, community projects and conference attendances around the globe. 

We hope to have a strong social media presence to continue to raise awareness about our society and relevant Global Health issues."

Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital makes at trip to the doctor seem less scary for children!

TBH is an international project which aims to educate children and introduce them to the healthcare setting in an enjoyable way attempting to reduce fear and anxiety of healthcare environments, professional and procedures. At Aberdeen we operate as a project under Medsin but we also work independently as a society. We visit primary schools on a regular basis running workshops. You will be given training on all the workshops we run (object, game, consultation, operation...) as well as up to date child protection training! So keep a look out for training days and join us!

The Ogston Surgical Society

A society which aims to provide medical undergraduates and PA’s with the skills and knowledge to consider a career in surgery.

Inspired by the work of Sir Alexander Ogston, this society is founded on the principle of providing additional surgical experience to medical and PA students. We aim to promote and foster an interest in surgery through regular teaching events, practical skills workshops and various talks throughout the year, ensuring we offer an insight into the different surgical specialties available along the way. We are an inclusive society who welcome all students, regardless of interest, level and ability. We also aim to promote equality and diversity in the field of surgery and demonstrate that no matter your background or difference, surgery is a viable career option for any medical student.

The Orthopaedic Surgery and Rheumatology Society (THOR)

Promoting exposure and career in orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal medicine.

We are a group of like-minded individuals with an interest in Orthopaedic surgery or rheumatology. Our society aims to promote these specialties through our range of programmes including lectures, workshops, podcast, teaching opportunities and mentoring scheme. These events will give you a taste of what the specialty entails as well as providing opportunities for medical students to expand their network and to enhance their CV. So what are you waiting for ?

Aberdeen Society for Careers in Ear Nose and Throat (ASCENT)

A society which aims to promote careers in otorhinolaryngology.

The aim of The Society of Otorhinolaryngology is to generate interest in a career in otorhinolaryngology (ASENT) for medical students. We hope to have regular events throughout the academic year to allow students to practice and improve at all thing’s ENT

University of Aberdeen Aviation and Space Medicine Society

Promoting space medicine research and expanding the horizons of medical students in Aberdeen.

New for 2020, the University of Aberdeen Aviation and Space Medicine Society aims to shed light on this niche area of medicine, turning all the physiological principles you thought you understood upside down as you consider what happens to the human body as you manipulate the gravitational forces it’s put under. Come along and listen to our experts talk about their work, you might just learn something new and interesting! We’ll be hosting talks from aerospace medicine experts all over the world, as well as a monthly journal club and a virtual student conference!

University of Aberdeen Cardiovascular Society

Promoting Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiology is a fascinating career path which requires diligence, determination and an extensive array of skills and knowledge. The Cardiovascular Society aims to provide guidance and support to help shape career pathways. Through workshops, revision sessions, clinical events, research advice and much more, we hope to strengthen the fundamentals required for all things ‘Cardiology’. Budding cardiologists or those keen to have a greater understanding of this core speciality which underpins all other specialities, we have you covered. Opportunities are aimed at all levels, so we encourage all students to make use of the range of activities we offer.

University of Aberdeen Medical Society

Providing support in education and social/cultural opportunities for medical students at all stages in their career

With over 800 active members and counting, MedSoc is the oldest, largest, and best society at the University of Aberdeen. MedSoc has been supporting the needs of Aberdeen medical students for over 100 years, and from day one of first year we’ll be there to ensure that you get the most out of your time here. From revision and mindfulness events when exam stress becomes too much, to sorting you into your very own medic family, hosting Adoption Night, the Big Night of Fun, SNIMS and, of course, the world-famous MedSoc Ball, we do it all and much, much more!

University of Aberdeen Neurological and Neurosurgical Society

An academic society aiming to promote careers in neurological based specialties.

We aim to promote neurological based specialities to students through; enriching understanding and experience of these specialities, providing clinical and exam-orientated teaching, and increasing exposure to research within these specialities.

University of Aberdeen Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society

The University of Aberdeen Oral and Maxillofacial Society aims to raising awareness and interest in this unique specialty.

Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty that combines the fields of medicine and dentistry to treat conditions affecting the mouth, jaws, face, and neck. The society aims to provide insight into this unique specialty by hosting talks on careers, and providing educational events relating to the diagnosis and management of these conditions.

Whether you are considering a career in the specialty or simply wishing to expand your knowledge of the conditions you may encounter in your career, we believe the society will offer educational value to all students studying medicine or dentistry.



University of Aberdeen Plastics, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgical Society (APRASS)

A new generation of aspiring plastic surgeons who are passionate about rebuilding and changing lives.

Unliked most surgical specialities, 'Plastic Surgery' is not defined by a specific anatomical area, but by its techniques.

University of Aberdeen Plastics, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society (APRASS) was set up with 3 goals in mind: To provide support to aspiring plastic surgeons, to break the sterotypes surrounding cosmetic surgery, and to help establish networks between our medics and others with similar interests nationwide. 

This is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into a career in 'Plastic Surgery' and discover more about its intricacies.  You might even find something that sparks your passion for it!

University of Aberdeen Psychiatry Society 

A society for people interested in psychiatry as a profession, increasing psychiatric knowledge and skills or for those passionate about issues surrounding mental health.

The University of Aberdeen Psychiatry society is a newly founded society (2019) which aims to provide students with a society where they can further explore psychiatry as a speciality; consolidate and further their knowledge of psychiatry; build on their psychiatry communication skills; raised funds and awareness for mental health charities and issues respectively, and connect with other students who have an interest in pursuing the field as a career.


University of Aberdeen Renal and Urology Society (UoARUS)

The University of Aberdeen Renal & Urology Society (UoARUS) aims to enhance student knowledge of Renal and Urological topics, and to promote a career in in these fields to medical students

The University of Aberdeen Renal & Urology Society is a newly founded society (2021) which aims to inspire medical students to pursue a career in Renal medicine and Urology. We look forward to hosting numerous events through the year, including revision sessions to help consolidate knowledge, clinical events, careers talks and much more. Furthermore, we aim to raise funds and awareness for relevant charities and connect with other students who have an interest in pursuing the field as a career. Opportunities are aimed for all medical students, so we encourage everyone to make use of the activities we will offer




Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

Wilderness, pre-hospital, expedition and emergency medicine; outdoor skills; good messy fun.

WEMS holds skills sessions, lecture nights, weekends away and run trips to national conferences throughout the year. Our interests are many and varied, but include: pre-hospital care, military medicine, expedition medicine, critical and road traffic accident care. The wide range of training we give means we have something for everyone, being a mountaineer is definitely not a requirement! Our society is open to everyone with an interest, medics and non-medics alike.