Universidad La Salle

Suitable for Arts and Social Science degrees, potential for some MMSN degrees. Unsuitable for Engineering, Geoscience, Law and Psychology.

NOTE: Our Mexican partner institutions teach in Spanish. Any student who is not on one of our Spanish Degree programmes, or isn't taking our Spanish language courses, can only go abroad here if they sit and pass a DELE exam at B2 level, or if the Spanish Department are prepared to sign off that your Spanish is at that level in an official form. Students are not expected to have this at the time of application to Go Abroad, but will need to have it prior to receiving an unconditional offer to go abroad.


Universidad La Salle is one of the top universities in Mexico. It has incoming and outgoing mobility programs; national and international exchanges, allowing students to develop intercultural competences by exposing them to different cultures.  With 38 undergraduate programs, La Salle offers a wide selection of education at the highest academic level and is designed to enable incoming exchange students develop academically and emotionally in a foreign country. Additionally, La Salle is in La Condesa, an area in Mexico City with dynamic architectural mix – from art deco to colonial to modern – that is trendy among young professionals.




Universidad La Salle

Universidad la Salle

International Student at La Salle