The University of Aberdeen is offering 20 Graduate Apprenticeship places on the BEng Civil Engineering degree programme (SCQF Level 10) commencing in September 2019. 

Graduate Apprenticeships are designed to allow you to study for your honours degree while you continue working. As a Graduate Apprentice, you will undertake about 80% of your learning at work and 20% at university.

Why should I apply for a Graduate Apprenticeship?
  • Earn an accredited honours degree in 4 years while working, the same time as it takes a traditional full-time student
  • Tuition fees are covered by Skills Development Scotland, so there is no tuition fee cost to you or your employer
  • Get paid while you earn your degree. As a Graduate Apprentice, you will continue working in paid employment while earning your degree
  • Put your learning into practice from the beginning of your degree, to solve real work-based problems and gain valuable work experience 
  • Enjoy the same access to University services and facilities as a traditional full-time student, and benefit from additional guidance and mentoring from the University and your employer.
How do I get involved?

In order to apply for a Graduate Apprenticeship place at the University of Aberdeen, your employer must enter into a Graduate Apprenticeships Agreement with the University of Aberdeen. The first step therefore is to speak to your employer to express your interest and discuss your requirements. 

Graduate Apprentices must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must meet the entry requirements for the BEng Civil Engineering degree programme. Other apprenticeships, HNC, HND and professional qualifications will also be considered.
    Recognition of prior learning: If you do not hold any of the above qualifications or awards but have relevant work experience you may be able to enter this programme. Your application will be considered on an individual basis, taking into consideration your previous study and experience. You will be asked to reflect on your previous experience and demonstrate skills, knowledge and understanding equivalent to that achieved on successful completion of the above entry requirements. We will provide you with support in your reflective process through interviews and guidance on presenting your evidence.  
  • You must be resident in Scotland before you start your Graduate Apprenticeship and your usual place of work must also be in Scotland.
  • You can apply even if you already have received SAAS funding for a qualification, provided the Graduate Apprenticeship is in a different subject or is a higher level of qualification than what you already have.
  • There is no upper age limit on Graduate Apprenticeships.
What if I am not currently working or my employer doesn’t have a Graduate Apprenticeships agreement with the University of Aberdeen?

If you are not currently working, then you can still apply to existing apprenticeship opportunities at which is updated regularly with new apprenticeship opportunities.

If you are working, but your employer does not have a Graduate Apprenticeship Agreement with the University of Aberdeen, please ask your employer to contact us using the Graduate Apprenticeships enquiry form for further information.