Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills

Applications for the part-time Counselling courses now open until Monday 5th August 2024 for the 24/25 session.

Please email if you would like to speak with someone about these courses.

The Counselling Skills Programme is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal skills for personal development or to use in a helping or caring work role. This is an excellent starting point to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

The successful completion of all four Counselling and Listening Skills modules, leads to a Certificate in Counselling Skills from the University of Aberdeen.

‘I am very grateful for everything this course has done for me. Not only have I learned about counselling skills, theory, and different therapeutic approaches but I have learned a lot about myself and grown as a person. This is a brilliant course for personal development, enabling you to learn more about yourself and be more in tune with your thoughts and feelings. The course allows you to apply the counselling skills you are taught in a supportive and caring environment. The tutors are highly trained; experienced in both teaching and working as practitioners. My confidence in my counselling skills has grown immensely. I have found that the listening skills I have developed from the course have benefitted my personal and work relationships and can now better support and help others. Having this on my CV makes me stand out from other applicants as so many employers look for candidates with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a high level of self-awareness’. 

Comment from a student on the Counselling course

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