Applications for Counselling Skills Courses are invited for 2020-21

Please email if you would like to speak with someone about these courses.

The Counselling Skills Programme is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal skills for personal development or to use in a helping or caring work role. This is an excellent starting point to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

The successful completion of all four Counselling and Listening Skills modules, leads to a Certificate in Counselling Skills from the University of Aberdeen.

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Please apply using the form and guidance note on the right and not using the on-line application process.

"This course is superb. Over the past two years I have learned more and benefitted more from this course than all others put together. Teaching is incredibly effective; well balanced, interactive, well considered and well delivered. The content is fascinating. The skills which are gained are priceless, and have greatly enhanced my employability - the COSCA certified qualification is an excellent demonstration of my skills, and one which employers have been impressed with at recent interviews. I would greatly encourage further advertisement of this course, because it could make the world of difference to many students."

Student comment on completing the Counselling Skills Certificate ( COSCA validated).

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