New King's

New King's
New King's
Geo Coordinates: 57.16493, -2.101532

The New King's building has two main entrances, located on the front of the building at opposite ends of King's Lawn.

One of Campus's most recognisable buildings, due in part to the distinctive Boston ivy that adorns the front of the building, New King's was built as a series of lecture rooms in 1913 to meet the expanding needs of the University. Much of the funding came from the Carnegie Trust - the famous industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was Rector of the University at the time - and as the first of the University's academic buildings to be constructed outwith King's College this signalled the beginning of the University's exponential expansion in the 20th Century.

The ashlar used in its construction, the stone tracery of its windows, its corbie-stepped gable ends and crocket-topped buttresses were all clearly designed to complement the Chapel's most distinctive features.

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