Anxiety Workshop

Anxiety Workshop

This is a past event

This 90 minute workshop offered by the University Counselling Service can provide a safe, confidential space to explore anxiety.

Are you feeling anxious and uncertain about the future in general, or relating to this time of Covid?

This 90-minute Anxiety Workshop will provide a safe confidential space to explore anxiety.

During the workshop, you will be presented with the theory of what is happening physiologically in your body and where you go in your thoughts during an anxious episode.

If you feel comfortable there will be an opportunity to reflect on your own anxiety and share it with others, however, this is not compulsory, and nobody should feel under pressure to do so. 

You will be offered some tools and strategies to enable you to help yourself.

Rhona and Namrata are experienced qualified counsellors working within the University Counselling Service.   

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Rhona and Namrata
Hosted by
University Counselling Service

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