Changes to Your Degree

You may have been told that we will make changes to your degree to enable you to continue with your studies.

Designated/Non Honours

The Designated and Non-Honours degrees are 3 year degrees which are awarded without any Classification (ie. First/ 2:1 etc.).

You will be changed to the Designated/Non Honours version of your degree if:

Either, you need to repeat third year; you will repeat the year and make up any missing credits or compulsory courses in order to graduate with the Designated or Non Honours degree. You will no longer be able to complete an Honours degree.

Or, you haven’t achieved enough credits/ courses at level 1 and 2 to enter the Honours programme;

Your degree will be changed automatically and in most cases you will be studying the same courses at third year as other Honours students. If you make up your missing courses you should be able to change back to the Honours programme for fourth year.

Students who have repeated the year

If you have repeated the year and have achieved enough credits to enter the next programme year but you do not have the appropriate courses for your current degree you may need to change degree subject in order to continue with your studies. You should contact us at to discuss your options.

If this is not an option you may want to transfer to the Individual Subject Study Programme (ISS). This is a flexible learning programme on which students pay tuition fees for each individual course, as a part-time student. This is a good option for students who have already repeated the year and need to retake a few of their missing courses. If you need to register for less than 30 credits in total this should be the most cost effective part-time route.  You can apply to transfer back into your degree once you have passed your outstanding courses.