Coming to Interview

Coming to Interview

Before your interview

If you require any reasonable adjustments, you must complete the form (link in confirmation emails) at least 5 days before your interivew. Retrospective applications for adjustments will not be considered.

In your final email reminder that you will receive a few days before your interview.  Please complete the consent and declaration of fitness form via the link provided in your email.  It is important that you do this.

The Interview

The interview is a serious part of the decision-making process, so candidates should give careful consideration about what they wear, and their general appearance, given the professional nature of the career they hope to embark upon.  

Please be aware that by taking part in the Multiple Mini-Interview you are declaring yourself fit, well and able to undertake the interview.  If you are unwell on the day of the interview, or any unforeseen events occur, please let us know and we will do our best to reschedule where possible.

Medicine, G2M and PA:  You should report to the Suttie Centre, Foresterhill Health Campus, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZD
Dentistry & Dental Tech:  You should report to the Dental School & Hospital, Cornhill Road, AB25 2ZR

Station Domains

As there will be no reading required during your interviews.   In order to help you prepare appropriately, the topics/domains you will be questioned on are:

BDS - 7 station MMI

  1. Knowledge of the course
  2. Professionalism & Ethics
  3. Manual Dexterity
  4. Personal Statement
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Article Comprehension (Please check your emails 48 hours before your interview to access)
  7. Problem Solving


  1. Motivation
  2. Professionalism / Core Qualities
  3. Teamwork


  1. Motivation to study medicine
  2. Core Qualities
  3. Critical thinking & problem solving
  4. Team work
  5. Professionalism
  6. New station (pilot) 


The School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition is actively involved in research about our admission processes and the performance of our students. When you are invited to interview, you will be asked to sign a consent form allowing your UCAS, MMI and UCAT data to be used for educational research purposes in conjunction with any future medical school performance data. This is on the understanding that your data will not be reported individually nor your identity disclosed. You are free to decline this if you wish without the need to provide a reason.

On the day of your interview

You will need to bring the following items with you on the day of interview:

  • Photographic ID

Please remember to complete the consent and declaration of fitness form via the link provided to you in your final reminder email.