General Resources

General Resources

General Resources

Updating your Staff Profile

New enhancements to your personal staff profile have recently been launched and the key features include:

  • Highlighting your research areas and specialisms
  • Let prospective students know you are accepting PhDs
  • Improved visibility
  • Promote your Knowledge Exchange and Public Engagement activity

These updates will improve how you showcase your work to the world and it is important to ensure that your profile is up to date.  A User Guide has been published to help you.

Brand Portal

Brand Portal Templates and Downloads

You can now find a range of templates and downloads on the Brand Portal including logos, PowerPoint templates  and Teams backgrounds. You will also find links to resources promoting our specific campaigns

If you have any feedback, or would like any specific materials please contact the

Toolkit - The University's online support portal

What is Toolkit?

The University's online support portal is updated every month, and features over 100 helpful video guides made in collaboration with our staff and students.

  • Learn new Digital Skills to add to your CV
  • Understand how to use University Software
  • Discover Productivity Tools and programs to complement your work or studies
  • Explore University Services and find out more about support across the institution

Click on a resource to view the content: you can play Video content through our carousel, use the Guides button to access downloads such as pdfs, workbooks, posters and infographics, and use the Links button to easily navigate to software, websites and other web-based content.

We hope you find Toolkit useful, but if you need further assistance with an issue, please contact