Our PhD students conduct research in a wide variety of subject areas--to find out more about their work click on the tabs below.

Andrew Popple

Thesis title: Art of Social Engagement in Scotland, 1939-1987: contributing to socio-political debate?

Research: Andrew has come late to the discipline, having originally graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and pursued a career in nuclear engineering and management.  In June 2017, he graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MA (Hons) in Art History. His research interests centre on interplays between art, especially painting, in Scotland in the twentieth century, and the changing social, cultural and political environments in which artists made their art. This study focuses on developments in the treatment by artists of subjects such as identity, both personal and collective, and political thought and activism.

Lindsey Cordiner Vyse

Thesis title: The Architecture of Healing

Research: I am researching the ways we relate to and understand our experiences of the built environment, particularly how hospital architecture affects the way we feel. These buildings not only form a significant, and frequently encountered, part of our contemporary landscape, but have social, historical and cultural backgrounds that influence our reactions to them. Current research in the field of neuroscience is affording a greater insight into how the environment, architecture and aesthetics is perceived by individuals and this is being analysed in relation to existing architectural theory and history. My project is additionally using qualitative research methods to analyse the language that is used about these spaces by professionals involved in the healthcare industry.