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News and Events


Nation-building and society in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century East Central Europe

Date - 03.05.2023

Location - New Kings 14 and Online

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In a unique ceremony held at the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in London on 5 May 2021, Robert Frost was awarded orders by the ambassadors of Lithuania and Poland. In the presence of the ambassadors of Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia and Slovakia, he received the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merits for Lithuania from ambassador Renatas Norkus, and the Knights Cross of the Order of Merit of Poland from ambassador Arkady Rzegocki. In their speeches, both ambassadors stressed the significance of the establishment of the Centre for Polish-Lithuanian Studies at the University of Aberdeen in January 2020.


Arkady Rzegocki, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Professor Robert Frost, Renatas Norkus, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania.


Orders presented to Professor Frost.