Dr Tomas Bokedal

Dr Tomas Bokedal
BA, MDiv, MA (University of Gothenburg), ThD (Lund University); DipHE (Sahlgrenska Academy), DipHE (Chalmers University of Technology), PGCert (Gothenburg Psychotherapy Institute)


Dr Tomas Bokedal
Dr Tomas Bokedal

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The University of Aberdeen School of Divinity, History and Philosophy
King's College
University of Aberdeen
AB24 3UB
United Kingdom


Dr. Tomas Bokedal holds a doctorate from Lund University, and was previously Lecturer at the Lutheran School of Theology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Educated in New Testament studies, theology and hermeneutics, Dr. Bokedal’s primary fields of research concern Christian origins and the relation of ‘Scripture and Theology.’ His approach to these topics involves research into the transmission of the gospel tradition, the technology of early Christian communication, the canon and canonical criticism, papyrology/codicology, textual and ritual theory, Pauline theology, early Christian confession, and patristic exegesis.

Recent article in The Conversation: What was the first Bible like?


Current Research

  • The emergence of the scribal system of nomina sacra
  • The Rule of Faith in biblical interpretation
  • The New Testament homologia and early Christian confession
  • The notion of justification in the Book of Romans
  • Pre-Pauline christology
  • Use of the Old Testament in the Synoptic Gospels
  • Jesus' baptism and early Christian baptism
  • Orality and literacy, and the transmission of the gospel tradition
  • Various aspects of New Testament canonisation
  • Scripture in the second century
  • The hermeneutics of H.-G. Gadamer and New Testament interpretation
  • The concept of revelation in Søren Kierkegaard
  • Søren Kierkegaard on the God-relationship and the healing of the self
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Admin Responsibilities

  • BD and BTh Admissions Selector
  • Programme Co-ordinator, MTh in Biblical Studies
  • MTh Dissertations Co-ordinator
  • DHP representative on the KPI Senate Working Group
  • Mentor, The UoA Staff Mentoring Scheme
  • Personal Tutor

Supervision, Teaching and External Responsibilities

Dr. Bokedal is currently supervising, or has recently supervised, Ph.D. projects on royal messiah and eschatological prophet – textual interaction between the Lukan canticles and the Nazareth sermon (Luke 1-2; 4:16-30), the historical Jesus and the last supper, redeemer Christology in Paul (Romans and Galatians), the origin of the longer ending of the Gospel of Mark, the formation of the Pauline corpus, content and form of the apostolic kerygma, the use of the Old Testament in the canticles of Luke's Gospel, the role of the miracle stories and charismatic activities in Matthew's Gospel, divorce and remarriage in Matthew 5:31-32 and 19:3-10, Pentecostal exegesis and Gadamerian hermeneutics, psychodynamic approaches to 1 Corinthians, original sin in the Augustinian tradition, and prayer in the four Gospels (published with Brill). At present he supervises eleven part- and full-time Ph.D. students. Dr. Bokedal has previously organized the postgraduate New Testament seminar, and (with Dr. Donald Wood) the Divinity and Religious Studies hermeneutics seminar.

Teaching and/or course co-ordination (*) involve the following courses:

  • Exploring the New Testament (DR 1073)
  • Jesus in History and Culture* (DR 252E)
  • Reading New Testament Greek 1* (DR 2055)
  • Honours Dissertation* (DR4544)
  • Paul's Letter to the Romans* (DR 4043, DR 552X)
  • The Emergence of Christology* (DR 503F)
  • New Testament Theology* (DR 552F)
  • Dissertation Colloquium and Research Skills* (DR 502H)
  • Dissertation* (DR 552G)

Previous teaching and/or course co-ordination (*):

  • Jesus of Nazareth: Life, Message, Teaching* (DR 1026)
  • Rise of Christianity (DR 1028)
  • Jesus and the Gospels* (DR 1040)
  • Global Issues/Global Religions (SX 1017)
  • The Classical Tradition: Key Works for European Civilisation (HC 1524)
  • Earliest Portraits of Jesus* (DR 1527)
  • Religions of the World: The Near East (DR 1550)
  • Greek Language 2* (DR1538)
  • Paul of Tarsus (English Texts, DR 2522)
  • Paul of Tarsus (Greek Texts, DR 2523)
  • Earliest Portraits of Jesus* (DR 2559)
  • New Testament Theology* (DR 351N)
  • Junior Honours Special Subject* (DR351P)
  • New Testament Texts: Epistles (English Texts, DR 3075)
  • The Origins of Christology* (DR 4090)
  • The Synoptic Gospels and the Jesus Tradition* (DR502X)
  • Method in Theology (DR 5062)

External and internal examining:

  • External Examiner (BA Theology, BD Theology, GradDip Theology), Union School of Theology, University of Chester, 2014-
  • External Examiner (Biblical Studies), Oak Hill College, Middlesex University, 2010-2014
  • Examination of the following PhD theses: (with Dr. Michael F. Bird) Joel Kennedy, The Recapitulation of Israel: Use of Israel's History in Matthew 1:1-4:11 (Aberdeen, 2007; WUNT 2/257; Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen, 2008), (with Prof. Samuel Byrskog) Alan Macgregor, Listening for Meaning: Towards the Development of Aural Approaches to Exegesis in Mark (Aberdeen, 2010), (with Prof. Darrell L. Bock) Jonathan Kienzler, The Holy Spirit's Relationship with Judgment in Luke-Acts (Aberdeen, 2011; JPTS 44, Deo Publishing, 2015), (with Prof. N. T. Wright) Mark D. Owens, 'Behold, I Make All Things New': An Intertextual Analysis of New Creation in Galatians, 2 Corinthians, and Ephesians (Aberdeen, 2012; Wipf & Stock, 2015), (with Prof. Sonu Shamdasani), Nathalie Pilard, On the importance and the variety of forms of intuition in the early work of Carl Gustav Jung: 1875-1921 (Aberdeen, 2013; Karnac Books, 2015), (with Prof. Sarah Pearce) Reuben Y. T. Lee, Diaspora Judaeans and Proselytes in Early Roman Palestine: A Study of Ethnic, Social, and Cultural Boundaries (Aberdeen, 2013), (with Dr. Mark T. Finney) Chun Ho Bernard Leung, Economic Stratification of First-Century Urban Non-Élite: A Study of Roman Society and the Earliest Pauline Communities (Aberdeen, 2013), (with Dr. Matthew Novenson) Hongsuk Um, Observation of Celestial Phenomena in the Gospel of Matthew (Edinburgh, 2014), (with Prof. Jostein Ådna) Jung Jin Kim, 'Declare among the Nations': An Examination of the Biblical Motif of Verbal Declaration by God's People (Aberdeen, 2015), (with Prof. Dr. Christoph Stenschke) Rev. James T. Hughes, Ecclesial Solidarity in the Pauline Corpus (Aberdeen, 2015), (with Prof. Mogens Müller) Joseph M. Lear JR, What Shall We Do? Eschatology and Ethics in Luke-Acts (Aberdeen, 2015), (with Dr. Alistair I. Wilson) Eduard Borysov, Paul's Soteriology: Participation in the Triune God (Aberdeen, 2016), (with Dr. Sean Adams) Joshua O. Carroll, Philo and Paul: Experiencing Divine Wisdom (Aberdeen, 2016), (with Dr. Andrew B. Torrance) Armen Oganessian, Søren Kierkegaard and the English-Speaking World: An Analysis of Walter Lowrie's Interpretation of Kierkegaard (Aberdeen, 2017), (with Prof. Steve Walton) David A. Smith, The Epistles for All Christians (St. Mary's University, Twickenham, London, 2017), (with Prof. Paul Foster) Markus Nikkanen, Participation in Christ: Paul and Pre-Pauline Eucharistic Tradition (Aberdeen, 2018).


  • Advisory editor of the peer-reviewed Scandinavian journal Theofilos