People involved with Friendship House have come from all over Aberdeen and the world. Our friends with disabilities are local residents, many of whom are involved with other activities during the week. Through these friends we have connections with service providers in the city of Aberdeen. We have a network of volunteers and supporters from the local community and churches around the University, in particular St Mary’s Church of Scotland on King Street. We have friends within the University who participate in Friendship House activities and offer a  broad range of support to the project, including the development trust and the Chaplaincy. Finally, there are four students directly involved with the Friendship House project who have come from all over the world to do a PhD and who each offer time and energy towards the development of Friendship House in its first stage. The University of Aberdeen Friendship House is an initiative open to everyone regardless of ability, age, creed or any other distinction. It is based within the divinity department and thus grounded in Christian principles but is open to all for the purposes of learning what friendship looks like across all boundaries.


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