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  • The effects of graded levels of calorie restriction XVIII: tissue specific changes in cell size and number in response to calorie restriction

    Phillips, D., Mathers, H., Mitchell, S. E., Speakman, J. R.

    The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

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  • Effects of dietary macronutrients on the hepatic transcriptome and serum metabolome in mice

    Wu, Y., Green, C. L., Wang, G., Yang, D., Li, L., Li, B., Wang, L., Li, M., Li, J., Xu, Y., Zhang, X., Niu, C., Hu, S., Togo, J., Mazidi, M., Derous, D., Douglas, A., Speakman, J.

    Aging Cell, vol. 21, no. 4, e13585

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  • Social associations in lactating dairy cows housed in a robotic milking system

    Marumo, J. L., Fisher, D. N., Lusseau, D., Mackie, M., Speakman, J. R., Hambly, C.

    Applied Animal Behaviour Science, vol. 249, 105589

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  • Increased Variation in Body Weight and Food Intake Is Related to Increased Dietary Fat but Not Increased Carbohydrate or Protein in Mice

    Wu, Y., Hu, S., Yang, D., Li, L., Li, B., Wang, L., Li, M., Wang, G., Li, J., Xu, Y., Zhang, X., Niu, C., Speakman, J. R.

    Frontiers in Nutrition, vol. 9, 835536

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  • Body temperature is a more important modulator of lifespan than metabolic rate in two small mammals

    Zhao, Z., Cao, J., Niu, C., Bao, M., Xu, J., Huo, D., Liao, S., Liu, W., Speakman, J. R.

    Nature Metabolism, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 320-326

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  • A Mesocosm Experiment in Ecological Physiology: The Modulation of Energy Budget in a Hibernating Marsupial under Chronic Caloric Restriction

    Nespolo, R. F., Fonturbel, F. E., Mejias, C., Contreras, R., Gutierrez, P., Oda, E., Sabat, P., Hambly, C., Speakman, J. R., Bozinovic, F.

    Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, vol. 95, no. 1, pp. 66-81

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  • Energy compensation and adiposity in humans

    Careau, V., Halsey, L. G., Pontzer, H., Ainslie, P. N., Andersen, L. F., Anderson, L. J., Arab, L., Baddou, I., Bedu-Addo, K., Blaak, E. E., Blanc, S., Bonomi, A. G., Bouten, C. V. C., Buchowski, M. S., Butte, N. F., Camps, S. G. J. A., Close, G. L., Cooper, J. A., Das, S. K., Cooper, R., Dugas, L. R., Eaton, S. D., Ekelund, U., Entringer, S., Forrester, T., Fudge, B. W., Goris, A. H., Gurven, M., Hambly, C., El Hamdouchi, A., Hoos, M. B., Hu, S., Joonas, N., Joosen, A. M., Katzmarzyk, P., Kempen, K. P., Kimura, M., Kraus, W. E., Kushner, R. F., Lambert, E., Leonard, W. R., Lessan, N., Martin, C. K., Medin, A. C., Meijer, E. P., Morehen, J. C., Morton, J. P., Neuhouser, M. L., Nicklas, T. A., Ojiambo, R. M., Pietilainen, K. H., Pitsiladis, Y. P., Plange-Rhule, J., Plasqui, G., Prentice, R. L., Rabinovich, R. A., Racette, S. B., Raichlen, D. A., Ravussin, E., Reilly, J. J., Reynolds, R. M., Roberts, S. B., Schuit, A. J., Sjodin, A. M., Stice, E., Urlacher, S. S., Valenti, G., Van Etten, L. M., Van Mil, E. A., Wells, J. C. K., Wilson, G., Wood, B. M., Yanovski, J., Yoshida, T., Zhang, X., Murphy-Alford, A. J., Loechl, C. U., Luke, A. H., Rood, J., Sagayama, H., Schoeller, D. A., Wong, W. W., Yamada, Y., Speakman, J. R.

    Current Biology, vol. 31, no. 20, pp. 4659-4666

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