SBS Seminar Series 2023

SBS Seminar Series 2023

This is a past event

Using conservation science to save a species from extinction in the UK by Prof Jennifer Smart

Much of Jennifer’s research career has been about the conservation of a group of birds known as waders, which includes species like lapwing, redshank, curlew and black-tailed godwit. Waders are amongst the most endangered group of birds, suffering from a variety of problems that include habitat loss, degradation and increased predation. Over the last 15 years, her research has helped inform the conservation strategies most important for the successful management of breeding wader populations and has had direct influence over the management of some of the largest breeding wader populations in low lying wetlands, particularly on the RSPB’s network of reserves but also influencing management of grasslands across landscapes managed by farmers both here and abroad. In this seminar, she will outline the career path she followed to get to where she is today, use examples to bring to life the breadth of work the Centre for Conservation Science does and then delve more deeply into a species conservation project that uses conservation science to try to save black-tailed godwits from extinction in the UK.

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Prof Jennifer Smart, Head of Conservation Science Scotland & Northern Ireland, in the RSPBs Centre for Conservation Science
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Xavier Lambin
Zoology Lecture Theatre