The forecast for biodiversity in the global heat age

The forecast for biodiversity in the global heat age

Professor Mark Urban will give a talk on "The forecast for biodiversity in the global heat age"

Professor Mark Urban is an Associate Professor and Director of the Centre of Biological Risk at the University of Connecticut.  His research aims at understanding eco-evolutionary processes that shape natural communities, "evolving metacommunities", across multiple spatial scales and at undertstanding and predicting how species will respond to ongoing threat of climate change.  In his lab, Professor Urban along with his colleagues strives to integrate ecology, evolutionary biology and genetics by simultaneously developing mathematical models and conducting laboratory experiments along with intense periods of field work.  More information on this cutting edge research can be found at

Dr Greta Bocedi from the School of Biological Sciences will host Professor Urban, if you would like a slot to discuss research with our guest speaker please contact Dr Bocedi.

Professor Mark Urban
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Dr Greta Bocedi
Zoology Lecture Theatre - Ground Floor

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