Professor Eric Salzen

Professor Eric Salzen
BSc, PhD Edin, FBPsS, FRSE

Emeritus Professor

Professor Eric Salzen
Professor Eric Salzen

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The University of Aberdeen School of Psychology,
William Guild Building,
c/o Departmental Office
Kings College,
Old Aberden,
AB24 3FX
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Born 1930 in London, England. Educated Wanstead County High School 1941-1948. Studied Biology at Edinburgh University 1948-54 with an Honours degree in Zoology and a Ph.D in insect embryology. Worked as a Marine Biologist in West Africa (HM Oversea Civil Service) and has served on the academic staff of Zoology and Psychology departments in the universities of Edinburgh, Durham, Liverpool, Waterloo (Ontario), and Aberdeen (from 1968) over a period of 40yrs. Teaching and research has been in animal and human ethology (comparative behaviour), physiology and neurology of behaviour, neuropsychology, and psychopharmacology. Professor 1973 and Head of Psychology Department in Aberdeen 1977-1988 and finally retired in 1995 after 27yrs in Aberdeen.



Research Interests

  • On the nature and neurology of emotion and emotional expression
  • On the emotional origin and evolution of speech

Current Research

  • History and theory in Psychology
Further Info

Selected Publications

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