Dr Vasilis Louca

Dr Vasilis Louca

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Dr Vasilis Louca
Dr Vasilis Louca

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272781
The University of Aberdeen School of Biological Sciences
University of Aberdeen
Cruickshank Building, Room 1.10
Aberdeen AB24 3UU
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Research Interests

Key Research Interests:


  • Aquatic and terrestrial animal movement and emigration
  • Wetland ecology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Drivers influencing animal community structure and biodiversity patterns
  • Conservation of freshwater systems
  • Global change and vector-borne diseases

Teaching Responsibilities

Programme coordination:

Co-coordinator of the MSc programme in Environmental Science


Course coordination and teaching:


Coordination and teaching of the Summer Biology Access School

Level 1 Diversity of Life: lectures on invertebrates


Level 2 Ecology: lectures on population growth

Level 2 Conservation Biology: Lectures on PVA analysis, biodiversity, reintroductions and MPAs

Level 2 Ocean Biology: Lectures on a range of marine habitats and ecosystems, MPAs and marine adaptations

Level 2 Ecology field course: coordination and running of the field course with Cath Dennis


Level 3 Behavioural Biology: lectures on parasites, predators, foraging theory and reproduction

Level 3 Animals in captivity: lectures on the ethics of keeping fish in captivity

Level 3 animal Population Ecology: coordination (with Graham Pierce) and lectures on population growth, field sampling and estimating populations.


Level 5 Environmental pollution: lectures on freshwater pollution

Level 5 Catchment management: lectures and coordination

Level 5 Core Skills in Environmental Sciences: coordination and lectures on statistical analyses and sampling designs

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Biology

Admin Responsibilities

Personal Tutor

Member of the School of Biological Sciences retention committee