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I am from the Northwest of England.

My undergraduate MMATH was at The University of York.  I focused on algebra and analysis, and my dissertation was on inverse semigroups and inductive groupoids.  Then I went on to do an MPhil in Mathematics, undertaken at the University of Essex; my supervisor was Prof. Gerald Williams, and together we worked on cyclically presented groups of positive word length four.

My research is on a function called Δ (capital delta), defined as the maximum diameter of the Cayley graph of a group G with respect to the conjugates of S and of S^-1 for finite normally generating subsets S of G.  The project was advertised by the University of Aberdeen as, "Groups, Subgroups, and Boundedness"; here is a quote from one advertisement:

"In recent years some powerful geometric techniques were introduced to prove results about algebraic groups and related mathematical objects such as lattices.  The aim of this project is to investigate new applications of these techniques to the structure of algebraic groups and the spaces that they act on."

It looks like I will focus on SL(n,q) and other finite groups of Lie type.  My supervisor is Prof. Benjamin Martin.

You can find me on Mathematics Stack Exchange.


  • Mathematics (MMATH) 
    2016 - The University of York 
  • Mathematics (MPhil) 
    2022 - University of Essex 

External Memberships

I am a member of the London Mathematical Society and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

Prizes and Awards

In the Summer of 2014, I was granted funding and a stipend for a three month undergraduate research project at The University of York in an area of semigroup theory.

My MPhil was funded by a departmental scholarship, including living expenses.


Research Areas

Research Specialisms

  • Pure Mathematics

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.


Teaching Responsibilities


Winter 2022:

  • Algebra (First Year)
  • Linear Algebra I (Second Year)

Spring/Summer 2023:

  • Combinatorics (First Year)
  • Linear Algebra II (Second Year)

Winter 2023:

  • Algebra (First Year)
  • Introductory Mathematics (First Year)

Spring/Summer 2024:

  • Set Theory (First Year)