Pure Mathematics with roots in the systematic development of methods to solve practical problems. 

The department of mathematics has research strength in several areas. The largest research group is in topology and geometry.

There is a strong group in representation theory, and other groups in algebraic geometry with applications to mathematical physics and in tropical geometry.

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Research in algebra is centred on group theory and related topics.  These include representation theory (Gramain, Martin, Turner), fusion systems (Henke), Hopf algebras (Meir), algebraic groups and geometric invariant theory (Martin, Meir) and applications of algebra to music (Turner).  There are close links with Geometry/Topology (Levi, Libman) and Algebraic Geometry/Mathematical Physics (Gorbunov, Sevastyanov).

Supervisors: Dr Gramain, Dr Henke, Professor Martin, Dr Meir, Dr Turner

Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Research in mathematical physics ranges between discreet models of statistical mechanics and mathematical models for quantum field theories. The main tools we use are from Algebraic Geometry and Topology, Representation theory, and Graph Theory.

Supervisors: Professor Gorbunov, Dr Sevastyanov

Geometry and Topology

Research in topology and geometry includes a wide range of themes: geometric group theory and symplectic topology (Kedra), algebraic and differential topology and their applications (Grant), homological stability, magnitude homology and string topology (Hepworth), homotopy theory and interactions with group and representation theory (Levi, Libman), applications of combinatorial and algebraic topology to neuroscience (Levi), and stable homotopy theory, homological algebra and algebraic K-theory (Patchkoria).

Supervisors: Dr Grant, Dr Hepworth, Professor Kedra, Professor Levi, Dr Libman, Dr Patchkoria.

Tropical Geometry

Research in tropical mathematics includes semiring theory, commutative algebra, matrix algebra, semigroup representations, and polyhedral algebraic geometry.

Supervisor: Dr Izhakian

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