Dr Lynda Constable

Dr Lynda Constable
Dr Lynda Constable
Dr Lynda Constable

BSc (Hons), PhD

Trial Manager

Email Address
Office Address

Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT)

Health Services Research Unit

University of Aberdeen

3rd Floor Health Sciences Building



School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition


I joined HSRU as a Trial Manager in 2012 and took up the role of Deputy Senior Trial Manager in 2021.

I am the Lead Trial Manager on the DIAMONDCATHETER IIVUE,  MASTER and ASICA trials.

DIAMOND is an NIHR-HTA funder multi-centre randomised controlled trial (RCT) to compare medical management versus early planned surgery in women with deep endometriosis.

CATHETER II is an NIHR-HTA funded RCT to determine whether or not a weekly prophylactic catheter washout regime improves catheter related complications.

VUE is two parallel randomised controlled trials of surgical options for upper compartment (vault or uterine) pelvic organ prolapse, funded by the NIHR HTA.

MASTER is an NIHR-HTA funded RCT investigating the surgical treatment of male stress urinary incontinence after prostate surgery.

ASICA is a Cancer Research UK funded pilot RCT investigating the ASICA (Achieving self-directed integrated cancer aftercare) digital intervention for supporting high quality total skin self-examination in those with cutaneous melanoma.

I also coordinate the Institute of Applied Health Sciences seminars.

I gained a BSc in Biosciences and Chemistry and a PhD in Cancer cell and Molecular biology. Prior to joining the unit, I worked as a Research Fellow at Aberdeen University on a range of projects with an emphasis on cancer biomarkers.

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships

IAHS Seminars Coordinator

External Memberships

Member of the Education Committee for the Society for Clinical Trials (2013 - 2020)

Chair of the Education Committee for the Society for Clinical Trials (2018-2019)

Co-Chair of the Education Committee for the Society for Clinical Trials (2017-2018)

Chair of the Webinar Committee for the Society for Clinical Trials (2017-2018)

Member of the Board of Directors for the Society for Clinical Trials (2016)

Latest Publications

  • Male sling is as good as more complex surgery for incontinence after prostate surgery

    Saul, H., Deeney, B., Cassidy, S., Kwint, J., Constable, L., Abrams, P.
    BMJ (Clinical research ed.), vol. 381, pp. 1179
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • User Experiences of a Digital Intervention to Support Total-Skin-Self-Examination by Melanoma Survivors: Nested Qualitative Evaluation Embedded in a Randomized Controlled Trial

    Reilly, F., Wani, N., Hall, S., Morgan, H. M., Allan, J., Constable, L., Ntessalen, M., Murchie, P.
    JMIR Dermatology, vol. 6, e39544
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • The Achieving Self-directed Integrated Cancer Aftercare Intervention for Detection of Recurrent and Second Primary Melanoma in Survivors of Melanoma: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

    Murchie, P., Constable, L., Hall, S., Brant, W., Allan, J., Johnston, M., Masthoff, J., Lee, A., Treweek, S., Ayansina, D., Proby, C., Rahman, K., Walter, F., Burrows, N., Durrani, A., Maclennan, G.
    JMIR cancer, vol. 8, no. 3, e37539
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of various washout policies versus no washout policy in preventing catheter associated complications in adults living with long-term catheters: study protocol for the CATHETER II study

    Abdel-fattah, M., Johnson, D., Constable, L., Thomas, R., Cotton, S., Tripathee, S., Cooper, D., Boran, S., Dimitropoulos, K., Evans, S., Granitsiotis, P., Hashim, H., Kilonzo, M., Larcombe, J., Little, P., MacLennan, S., Murchie, P., Myint, P., N’Dow, J., Norrie, J., Omar, M. I., Paterson, C., Scotland, G., Thiruchelvam, N., MacLennan, G.
    Trials, vol. 23, no. 1, 630
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Synthetic sling or artificial urinary sphincter for men with urodynamic stress incontinence after prostate surgery: the MASTER non-inferiority RCT

    Constable, L., Abrams, P., Cooper, D., Kilonzo, M., Cotterill, N., Harding, C. K., Drake, M. J., Pardoe, M. N., McDonald, A., Smith, R., Norrie, J., McCormack, K., Ramsay, C., Uren, A., Mundy, T., Glazener, C., MacLennan, G.
    Health Technology Assessment, vol. 26, no. 36, 184
    Contributions to Journals: Articles

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Research Overview

Clinical trials methodology

Clinical trial management

Research Areas

Applied Health Sciences

Current Research

VUE Trial: Vault or Uterine prolapse surgery evaluation: Two parallel randomised controlled trials of surgical options for upper compartment (vault or uterine) pelvic organ prolapse.

MASTER Trial: investigating the surgical treatment of male stress incontinence after prostate surgery.

ASICA: Achieving Self-Directed Integrated Cancer Aftercare (ASICA) in melanoma: A randomised patient-focused trial of delivering the ASICA intervention as a means to earlier detection of recurrent and second primary melanoma

CATHETER II Trial: evaluating the effect of weekly saline or acidic prophylactic catheter washout policies with standard care on catheter related complications.


Teaching Responsibilities

I have supervised a number of BSc and MSc student research projects, including topics such as understanding patient's decision making to participate in clinical trials; rapid introduction of new cancer therapies; personalised cancer therapies; and investigation of the mode of action novel cancer therapeutics.


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