Dr Jessica Pugsley

Dr Jessica Pugsley
Dr Jessica Pugsley
Dr Jessica Pugsley

Research Fellow

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Since moving to Aberdeen in 2012 Jess has completed a BSc, a PhD and been employed by the University as a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and currently a Research Fellow. 

Her research focuses on virtual outcrop (e.g. Huab Dune) and the integration of virtual and physical field work in a range of geological settings. During her PhD she studied the Palaeogene volcanic and intra-volcanic sedimentary successions on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, using extensive fieldwork, virtual outcrops, petrology and igneous geochemistry. 

She also has a YouTube channel on using graphics packages (Adobe Illustrator) for geology (see here).

Jess has dyslexia and is always happy to discuss her experience and, where possible, help others. This includes her blog posts for Dyslexia Scotland and the University of Aberdeen: Rocking Dyslexia - My Experience studying with Dyslexia.


  • BSc Geology and Petroleum Geology 
    2016 - University of Aberdeen 
  • PhD Geology 
    2021 - University of Aberdeen 

    "The Stratigraphic Architecture & Evolution of the north-west Mull Lava Field,Isle of Mull, Scotland"

External Memberships

Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG)

Latest Publications

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Prizes and Awards

Winner of the 'Best Undergraduate Lecturer' of the UoA Awards for Excellence in Teaching (2023)

Winner of the ‘Best Support Staff’ of the AUSA and UoA Awards for Excellence in Teaching (2020)

Gyles Fairclaugh Geologix Prize for excellence during undergraduate (2016)


Research Overview

Development and pedagogy of virtual field trips

Fluvial Sedimentology (Triassic), Chinle Formation, Utah

Volcanic Stratigraphy (Palaeogene), Isle of Mull, Scotland


Funding and Grants

Elphinstone PhD Scholarship (2016)

CASP Research Award for Geological Fieldwork (2018)

Deep Carbon Observatory Bursary (2019)


Teaching Responsibilities

GL1005: The Nature Of The Environment Through Geological Time

GL4023: Geological Mapping Project


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