Professor David Burslem

Professor David Burslem
Professor David Burslem
Professor David Burslem

Director - Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Biodiversity

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+44 (0)1224 272695
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Room 1.25 Cruickshank Building

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  • Relationships between tree species composition, soil properties and topographic factors in a temperate deciduous forest in northern Iran

    Salehi, A., Amiri, G. Z., Burslem, D. F., Swaine, M. D.
    Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 455-462
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Determinants of biased sex ratios and inter-sex costs of reproduction in dioecious tropical forest trees

    Queenborough, S. A., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Garwood, N. C., Valencia, R.
    American Journal of Botany, vol. 94, no. 1, pp. 67-78
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Loss of desiccation tolerance during germination in neo-tropical pioneer seeds: Implications for seed mortality and germination characteristics

    Daws, M. I., Bolton, S., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Garwood, N. C., Mullins, C. E.
    Seed Science Research, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 273-281
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Birch invasion of heather moorland increases nematode diversity and trophic complexity

    Keith, A. M., van der Wal, R., Brooker, R. W., Osler, G. H. R., Chapman, S. J., Burslem, D. F. R. P.
    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, vol. 38, pp. 3421-3430
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Effect of high temperature on chalazal plug removal and germination in Apeiba tibourbou Aubl.

    Daws, M. I., Orr, D., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Mullins, C. E.
    Seed Science and Technology, vol. 34, pp. 221-225
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Liana habitat associations and community structure in a Bornean lowland tropical forest

    DeWalt, S. J., Ickes, K., Nilus, R., Harms, K. E., Burslem, D. F. R. P.
    Plant Ecology, vol. 186, pp. 203-216
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Species-habitat associations in a Sri Lankan dipterocarp forest

    Gunatilleke, C. V. S., Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N., Esufali, S., Harms, K. E., Ashton, P. M. S., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Ashton, P. S.
    Journal of Tropical Ecology, vol. 22, pp. 371-384
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Biotic Interactions in the Tropics: Their Role in the Maintenance of Species Diversity

    Burslem, D. F. R. P. (ed.), Pinard, M. A. (ed.), Hartley, S. E. (ed.)
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom. 580 pages
    Books and Reports: Books
  • Sustainable forest management for smallholder farmers in the Brazilian Amazon

    D'Oliveira, M. V. N., Swaine, M. D., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Braz, E. M., Araujo, H. J. B.
    Slash-and-Burn Agriculture: The Search for Alternatives. Palm, C., Vosti, S. A., Sanchez, P. A., Ericksen, P. J. (eds.). Columbia University Press, pp. 198-221, 22 pages
    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters
  • Effects of topographic position, leaf litter and seed size on seedling demography in a semi-deciduous tropical forest in Panama

    Daws, M. I., Pearson, T. R. H., Burslem, D. F. R. P., Mullins, C. E., Dalling, J. W.
    Plant Ecology, vol. 179, pp. 93-105
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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