Name Title Tel No Email
Professor George Boyne Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Professor Karl Leydecker Senior Vice-Principal 01224 272017
Professor Ruth Taylor Vice-Principal Education 01224 273532
Professor Richard Wells Vice-Principal International Partnerships 01224 273021
Professor Marion Campbell Vice-Principal Research 01224 273161
Professor Alan Speight Vice-Principal Student Recruitment 01224 273180
Steve Cannon Interim University Secretary 01224 273833
Jennifer Fernandes Director of External Relations and Marketing    
Debbie Dyker Acting Director of Operations 01224 272094
Angus Donaldson Director of Estates and Facilities 01224 272060
David Beattie Director of Finance    
Brian Henderson Director of Digital and Information Services    
Dr Gillian Mackintosh Director of Academic Affairs 01224 272045
Dr Hulda Sveinsdottir Director of Planning 01224 272016
Dr Liz Rattray Director of Research & Innovation    
Rob Donelson Executive Director of Advancement