Changing behaviour for better health

The relationship between behaviour and health will be discussed at a free lecture in Aberdeen this week.

Chair in Health Psychology at the University of Aberdeen, Professor Marijn de Bruin will look at the development and implementation of interventions to change people’s health behaviour in a lecture on Wednesday (March 12).

The event is the latest in the University’s Inspirational Inaugurals series - public lectures being delivered by research leaders who have recently joined the institution.

Professor de Bruin’s talk will begin at 6pm in the Suttie Centre Lecture Theatre on the University’s Foresterhill campus.

Professor de Bruin said: “People’s life expectancy is strongly affected by everyday behaviours such as smoking, physical activity, and dietary patterns, and by behaviours such as the uptake of vaccinations or appropriate use of medication in clinical settings.

“Changing these health behaviours may be the single most effective route to improving population health, and reducing health inequalities and health care expenditures. Yet, the development, delivery and evaluation of behaviour change programs is complicated with few trials showing relevant and sustained effects on behaviour, health, and costs.

“My lecture will begin by examining the relationship between behaviour and health and the development of behaviour change intervention programmes.

“Next, I’ll focus in particular on an area of intervention where I do much of my research – developing and evaluating programs that promote the accurate use of medication by patients diagnosed with a chronic illness. I’ll provide an overview of the behaviour change interventions that have been attempted within this field and how the impact of these behaviour change programmes could be enhanced in the future.

“I’ll end my lecture by briefly reflecting on how the lessons learned in this field might apply to enhancing the effectiveness of health behaviour interventions more generally.”

Inspirational Inaugurals are the latest in a range of University of Aberdeen talks aimed at engaging the public with research. For more information see:  

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