Health Psychology

Topic: Explaining and changing health and health care professional behaviours.

Type of behaviours: Primarily diet and physical activity; Adherence to medical recommendations; and Health care professional performance.

Disease areas: Obesity; Diabetes; HIV; Stroke; Cancer; and others.

Type of outcomes: Behavioural determinants; Behaviours; Health indicators; Quality of Life; Participation and Activity limitations.

Methodology: Intensive longitudinal studies (or: Ecological Momentary Assessment); Surveys; Interviews; Experiments/Randomised controlled trials; Systematic reviews; Meta-analyses.

Disciplines: (Health) Psychology; Public Health; Behavioural Medicine.


Exemplar Projects:

Data driven behaviour change.  This PhD will combine health informatics with health psychology to understand and develop novel approaches to driving behaviour change through the use of 'real world' healthcare data. [Prof M de Bruin]

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We conduct leading research across a number of Health Psychology domains.

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MSc Health Psychology

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