Packed event aims to make sustainability more than just a word

Packed event aims to make sustainability more than just a word

The need to save energy, recycle more and reduce our carbon footprints are matters often discussed but putting the theory into practice can be a challenge.

To bridge this gap, the University of Aberdeen will stage two days of fun, interactive events designed to showcase the whole spectrum of sustainability issues to staff, students, and members of the public.

Signposting Sustainability will return on March 24 and 25 with exhibitions, interactive stalls, competitions, games on the King’s College lawn, evening talks and more.

There will be a driving simulator to test motorists’ green credentials on the road, an eco-dome demonstrating renewables technology and housing eco-arcade games, a dance zone, and an environmental art exhibition.

Stall holders will cover issues as diverse as waste, Fairtrade, renewable energy, recycling, health and well-being and all points in between.

Other highlights will include the Conference Bike, which seats seven people in a circle to share the peddling, campus tours using a rickshaw style Pedicab, and a Highland Yurt where student environmental groups will showcase initiatives ranging from vegetable bags to the promotion of cycling on the campus.

Signposting Sustainabilitywill run from 10am to 3pm both days and events will be held in Elphinstone Hall and on King’s Lawn.

Steve Cannon, Secretary to the University of Aberdeen said: "The University of Aberdeen is committed to incorporating sustainability into all of our activity including building projects such as the new library and the Suttie Centre for Teaching and Learning in Healthcare.  This week we hope to engage both our internal and local community in discovering the measures we can take as individuals to have a positive impact on the environment."

Fraser Lovie, Policy Adviser at the University of Aberdeen said: "The events this week will give University staff, students and the wider community a chance to find out more about all strands of sustainability, and learn how they can incorporate it into their day to day lives. 

"Whether by chatting with the informative experts on the stalls, or by participating in interactive exhibits and lively events, there will be an array of activities on offer to inspire visitors to think about how they can take measures to act sustainably and to protect the environment."

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