Dr Gearoid Millar to Deliver Talk on Legitimacy

Dr Gearoid Millar will be delivering a talk on Thursday, January 9, at the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law (CISRUL).

The workshop, Approaches to Political Concepts II, will be held on January 9 and 10, and include discussions on 'Free Speech', by Dr Helen Lynch, 'Belling the Cat' by Dr Adelyn Wilson, and 'Islamic Feminism', by Dr Alessandra Cecolin, among others.

In his talk, 'Legitimacy', Dr Millar will look at international intervention into conflict affected states, and argue that an imported concept of legitimacy founded on cultural, social, economic and political norms could give rise to claims of legitimacy that have no traction, or salience, in host communities and societies.

For more information on the workshop, which will be held in the Duncan Rice Library, visit the full agenda, here.