Professor M Carmen Romano

Professor M Carmen Romano

Personal Chair


Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272507
The University of Aberdeen Office 337, Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, Department of Physics, Meston Building, Old Aberdeen

Office 3:47, Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill

Research Interests

I am interested in the understanding of fundamental biological processes using theoretical approaches based on nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics and combining them with experimental data. In particular, I am interested in the process of translation or synthesis of proteins, the coupling between transcription and translation, how ribosomes, the molecular machines that manufacture proteins, are synthesised, and its relationship to the cell cycle. I am furthermore interested in the effect of combinatorial stresses in yeast, as well as the effects of different types of stress on the cell cycle.

Research Grants

SULSA studentship (modeling of translation)/ SABR grant (Combinatorial Responses In Stress Pathways)/BBSRC grant (Ribosome Traffic Flow on the mRNA as a Regulator of Cellular Protein Production)

Teaching Responsibilities

Electromagnetism (PX3008, 3rd year Physics) and Introduction to Mathematics and Modelling of Biological Systems (SB5005, MSc in Cell and Molecular Systems Biology)



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