Our self-assessment team is currently being refreshed to deliver on our action plan, and at present comprises the following:

Dr Bruce Scharlau (co-lead)

Senior Lecturer (Scholarship) in Computing Science

Prof Jan Skakle (co-lead)

Head of School, Chair in Physics

Dr Nigel Beacham

Lecturer in Computing Science

Dr Rainer Ebel

Reader in Chemistry

Dr Jean-Baptiste Gramain

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr Silke Henkes

Lecturer in Physics

Dr Eva Krupp

Reader in Chemistry

Dr Abbie Mclaughlin

Reader in Chemistry

Dr Francisco (Paco) Perez-Reche

Lecturer in “Physics in Life Sciences”

Dr Andrea Raab

Senior Research Fellow in Chemistry

Dr Karen Salt (external adviser)

(Former) Lecturer in the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture

Helen Shiells

Second year PhD student in ICSMB (Physics)

Prof Norval Strachan

Chair in Physics

Julie Timms

School Administrative Officer (SAO)

Dr Alice Toniolo

Research Fellow in Computing Science

Rebecca Walker

PhD student in Chemistry