The Department of Physics at the University of Aberdeen has a long and illustrious history, and former staff include great physicists such as James Clerk Maxwell. We are committed to continuing excellence in both research and teaching. 

Our department is a great environment for learning, with small class sizes and close relations between staff and students. We use modern teaching methods, with emphasis on practical, "hands-on" knowledge. Our department was ranked in the top 10 in the UK by the Times Good University Guide, and an external report said that "For many present day students it is a better physics package than anything on offer at the other Scottish Universities". We offer a flexible range of degrees, including joint degrees (eg Maths-Physics) and combined degrees (eg Physics with Geology), one of which will fit your inclinations and career plans.

We are a research-oriented department, and we do world-class research in both experimental and theoretical areas. Our research topics cover classical areas such as general relativity, solid-state physics and dynamical systems and chaos, and we are also active in multi-disciplinary topics, especially the application of physics to biology.