EU OP Office (former EDC)

EU OP Office (former EDC)
About the EDC


EDCs manage collections of material published and deposited by the European Union in academic institutions throughout the Member States. There were around 30 centres based in UK University Libraries. 

Post Brexit, the partnership agreement between the European Commission and EDCs based in the UK came to an end. Under these circumstances some former EDCs in the UK agreed to form an independent network in order to continue offering the same EU focused enquiry service within Academic libraries in the UK.

Please do read our EU OP Office Library Guide for more information. 

The EU OP Office is located on King's Campus in the Taylor Library, Taylor Building Block C (building number 20 on the campus map) and is open to the general public.


Contact Details:

Ross McClure, 
Principal Information Assistant

Katerina Oikonomopoulou
Information Assistant

Taylor Library & EU OP Office
Dunbar Street 
Aberdeen, AB24 3UB

Tel: (01224) 273334 or (01224) 272601 

European Union Web Links

This is the official site of the European Union and is an access point to the activities, policies, institutions and agencies of the EU.

The Institutions


  • Eur-lex 
    The official portal for EU Law. Have a look at our library guide to EUR-Lex here.

  • Legislative Procedures 
    Follow a legislative proposal from its launch to the adoption of the final Act

Statistical Information

  • Eurostat 
    Statistics on the EU and candidate countries

Further Resources