An Overview of the Paris Agreement after COP26

An Overview of the Paris Agreement after COP26

This is a past event

AUCEL Energy Seminar Series 2021-2022: Professor Voigt will give a brief overview of the topics that were discussed at COP26 as well as their outcome.

In particular, she will focus on the rules for cooperative approaches under Art. 6 of the Agreement, as well as outstanding issues of the Enhanced Transparency Framework. In addition to the formal negotiations, COP26 is also expected to deliver on parties enhanced or undated NDCs in light of the latest assessment report of the IPCC. Professor Voigt will also provide some reflections on these issues.

Dr. Christina Voigt is an expert in international environmental law and professor of law at the University of Oslo. Professor Voigt has published widely on legal issues of climate change, environmental multilateralism and sustainability and is a frequent speaker at international and national events. From 2009-2018, she also worked as a legal adviser and negotiator for the Government of Norway in the UN climate negotiations.

Professor Voigt is currently co-chair of the Paris Agreement´s Implementation and Compliance Committee. She is also chair of the Climate Change Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and an official candidate for Chair of the Commission, pending election during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille in September 2021. 

Christina Voigt
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Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law
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