2020 Top 10  List LLM GuideBased in Europe’s Energy Capital, the Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law (AUCEL) comprises one of the largest and most able teams of energy faculty in any European law school.

The research centre was created in order to promote the research activities of the many members of the School having an interest in Energy Law matters, as well as fostering an environment for collaborative work.

AUCEL - Aberdeen University Centre for Energy LawThe centre also provides a broad range of study options to professionals who are either already working in the sector, or who are interested in moving into the area. Our programmes prepare lawyers for work in a complex and evolving context; the focus being not only upon current practice but also upon emerging trends.

We enjoy the benefit of being located within the University of Aberdeen, an institution with a proven track record of carrying out research across the whole spectrum of the energy sector. This broad research base greatly enhances our capacity for carrying out multi- and inter-disciplinary research. The University is itself located within the unofficial energy capital of Europe, and maintains significant links with industry and policy-makers.

Aberdeen: Europe’s Oil and Gas Capital

The discovery in the 1960s of oil and gas-bearing rock beneath the North Sea off Aberdeen and the subsequent influx of investment necessary to extract this valuable natural resource led to a period of unprecedented growth and development in the local economy. Aberdeen’s influence stretches far beyond the North Sea. Leading oil companies and contractors direct operations in locations as diverse as Russia, Africa and the Middle and Far East from their Aberdeen bases.