Energy Seminar Series: Shale Gas in Europe - a Conflict Between Environmental Protection and Energy Security?

Energy Seminar Series: Shale Gas in Europe - a Conflict Between Environmental Protection and Energy Security?

Speaker: Dr Ruven Fleming

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Abstract: The controversy about whether shale gas extraction in Europe presents a possibility to enhance security of energy supplies is rife and will become even more prominent with dwindling `conventional` reserves. However, critics are pointing to the potential environmental impacts that shale gas extraction could have in Europe. This lecture will channel the controversy into a legal debate by highlighting that environmental protection and energy security are state objectives with considerable, but frequently overlooked legal leverage. The practical consequence of their interplay is the curtailment of legislative discretion. This affects the legality of existing fracking bans and moratoria, which could be successfully challenged in front of courts. A new methodology, the trias of objectives, principles and rules, is proposed that could produce prudent and legally sound regulation. The trias methodology reaches beyond shale gas and can be used to develop legally sound regulation of various new energy technologies in the context of the energy transition.

Author's bio: Dr. Ruven Fleming joined the University of Groningen as an Assistant Professor of Energy Law in 2015. He is working at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, specializing in energy and environmental law, with a particular focus on `unconventional`forms of energy production and energy investment and trade law. Dr. Fleming undertook undergraduate law studies in Germany at the University of Marburg. He went on to conduct Russian language studies at Moscow State University Lomonossow/Russia and worked for a Russian/German law firm in Moscow. Prior to the commencement of his research in Groningen, Dr. Fleming received a Master in Oil and Gas law (LL.M) as well as a PhD in law from the University of Aberdeen, UK.  He is the author of `Shale Gas, the Environment and Energy Security` (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017) and various articles and book-chapters. Dr. Fleming is running a weblog on current energy and climate law affairs which is ranked among Top 100 Environmental Law blogs. He is acting as peer-reviewer for international publications like the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law, Transnational Environmental Law, Energy Research & Social Science, the European Journal of Risk Regulation and Energy Strategy Reviews. In 2012 Dr. Fleming has been awarded a four year scholarship by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation for his research on shale gas regulation in Germany and the European Union. He may be contacted in Russian, German and English.`

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