PGT Student Testimonials and Case Studies

PGT Student Testimonials and Case Studies

Prior to completing the LLM I had struggled to show prospective employers within the financial services sector that I had a clear academic interest within that area. This has been remedied, in that not only am I much more familiar with the legal frameworks overseeing corporate finance in the UK, but I also now have a foundational knowledge of the commercial activities that these companies undertake”. Euan Price. LLM Corporate Finance & Law

“There were lecturers and the study support unit that could clarify academic writing and how to write an analysis. I really appreciate their support. I also love the appointments with advisors providing me with support all the way. They even gave a dissertation clinic to answer our questions. I love how dedicated they were to students”. Phattharachan Limsuwan. Thailand. LLM Criminal Justice

“I do not have a legal background or qualification but the courses and the teachings in class did not segregate. The explanations, lectures, notes and discussion were inclusive and supportive throughout”. Vakaoca Kedrayat. Fiji. LLM International Law, Security and Strategic Studies

“The research-based teaching environment encourages students to jump out his/her comfort zones, where we strive to learn, explore, and know more. Not just applying what we have learnt in theories, but to apply practical concepts and knowledge in real-life scenarios.  If you are a curious person, who wish to look for new challenges to solve uncertainties, unknowns, and limits, UoA is a perfect place for you”!  Hermione Mok. Hong Kong. LLM in Business Law and Sustainable Development

“I studied my LLM International Commercial Law, one of the most exciting areas of law of our time. The University of Aberdeen offers the best taught courses in this area, lectured by highly qualified scholars and with abundant resources”. Ahmad Ali Shariati. Afghanistan. LLM International Commercial Law

"This university offers a Professional Skills programme in which all that was learned during the master’s degree, is brought to practice. The University of Aberdeen's way of teaching allows students to go beyond the books and understand how whatever they do will have an impact on real life; and how to make that impact a positive one”. Sofia de Llano Pedroza. Mexico. LLM Energy and Environmental Law with Professional Skills

“I wanted to qualify as an arbitrator and Aberdeen’s dispute resolution courses are CIArb recognised. I have found Course Coordinators prompt and attentive in responding to queries arising along the way.” Graham Cottingham. Hong Kong. LLM Dispute Resolution (online)

“The online tutorials, interactive sessions, discussion Boards ,online seminars and support from the PG team has just been excellent. The course Coordinators are always ready and willing to provide the necessary support and I have never felt as though I was not part of the studentship”. Joyce Afanda. Kenya. LLM International Trade Law (online)


Oil discovery in Guyana motivates Yolander to come to Aberdeen

LLM Graduate Yolander November 2019

Yolander Persaud came to Aberdeen from Guyana, where she had been working in the Caribbean Conglomerate - Massy. She was granted a leave of absence to pursue her LLM Oil and Gas Law and has now returned. Yolander’s portfolio in Massy is three-tiered: she is the Corporate Legal Advisor, Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary of the Guyana group of Companies.

Following the discovery of several oil reserves in Guyana in recent years, the country is expected to begin oil production imminently and now requires highly skilled and qualified individuals to manage the new sector.

Recognising the opportunities this emerging industry offers, Yolander decided to come to Aberdeen to study for an LLM.  Yolander says: “I chose the University of Aberdeen because of its recognition in the field of Oil and Gas in Europe and across the World”.

Yolander chose the Professional Skills route and says: “The Professional Skills aspect of the programme was attractive as it bridged academia and application of knowledge, skill and experience.  It gave me considerable training and insight into Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs), Farm-in, Farm-out negotiations, as well as key awareness of cultural differences and peculiarities in contract negotiations”.

Yolander, an active member in the administration of AmCham Guyana (American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana) as well as an elected Councillor in the Ethics Commission of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), was awarded a full Chevening Scholarship to pursue her studies at the School of Law.  To gain the scholarship she was first asked to submit written essays on areas such as Leadership, Career path aspirations and the potential to develop her country. She was then shortlisted for an interview in front of a panel at the British High Commission.  

Yolander settled in well in Aberdeen and, not wanting to limit her learning to the classroom, she joined the university’s Fencing Society.  She commented that the aspect she enjoyed most about living and studying in Aberdeen was the diversity brought to the university by its international student body.  She says: “I made amazing friends who enlightened me about their culture and home countries”.  Her advice to others considering studying at Aberdeen is: “Bundle up and enjoy every moment – it’s worth it!  Also, watch out of the seagulls!”

An EU Student's Experience of Study at the University of Aberdeen's Law School


By Liliyana Kalinova, LLB Law with English Law (2015-2019); LLM Energy and Environmental Law with Professional Skills (2019-2020); PhD (started October 2020).

I have achieve an upper second on my LLB in Scots and English law (Honours, upper second) at the University of Aberdeen and decided to stay in order to enrol in an LLM programme. My LLM was in Energy and Environmental law (first) where, rather than a dissertation, I chose to do a Professional Skills course. The institution has made a big contribution to my growth as a person and young professional. I am a proud holder of the School of Law PhD Merit Scholarship (2020). For the upcoming three years, the school will continue to support my studies in Space Law and Sustainable Development. In addition, I believe that space law is a very promising career path as it appears to be the next frontier which is hungry for experts and skilled professionals and academics.

Gaining a world-class education and developing internationally were my main goals after graduating from high school in Pernik, Bulgaria. After high school, I knew that I wanted to study in English. Also, I was searching for opportunities to broaden my horizons in terms of what I want to do and achieve in my life.

I have made tremendous progress, both academic and personal, thanks to the excellent staff at the Law School of the University of Aberdeen. The School of Law at Aberdeen offers infinite opportunities in the field of law. The choice is very wide and, during the first two years you can narrow it down and discover what you love. The school culture is openminded and it looks to the future, with solid traditions and a proven reputation as a provider of exceptional legal education. The UK education system is built to support you and to allow you to discover your abilities, skills, and to cultivate your knowledge.

Settling down after the first year, I realised how much I like the area up north. Taking up cycling, playing tennis, and running helped me explore Scotland. Firstly, running helped me explore my local area such as the North Sea beach and the university campus. Secondly, cycling contributed to discovering the fascinating views in Aberdeenshire, where you can reach the wild nature (similar to what Bulgaria has to offer) - green hills, big trees, riverbanks, and farm animals. Indeed, fresh air, and lots of drinkable water – splendid! Thirdly, with the university tennis team we have been to all major cities. Playing away matches and getting to know the fascinating architecture, learning new interpersonal qualities from our losses, and enjoying our winnings.

Aberdeen has been my home away from home, and life at the University has developed me personally and professionally. After completing my studies, I am looking forward to setting off and working towards improving the world we live in.