Content Requests

Content Requests

How does it work?

The Toolkit service can produce engaging digital content for your team, department or school. To do this, we need you to lend us your expertise, but provided that the information you wish to convey can be written in under 250 words, we can create a video for you! For more details you can see our FAQ below, or get in touch with the team:

Please get in touch directly to check our current availability

What do you need from me?

Usually we receive scripts (the narrative) by email or Word document. Please feel free to include pictures, drawings, links etc. if you have ideas for the visuals. However, don't worry if you can't think of any, our team is happy to come up with ideas, and will work with you to refine them. The basic script guidelines we use in-house are:

  • Videos should be around 90 - 120 seconds in length or viewers start to switch off
  • Approximately 180 - 250 words fit comfortably into 90 - 120 seconds
  • Videos should always finish with some kind of call to action for the viewer
How long does it take?

Your request will be added to our work queue and we will create it as soon as we can, our lead time can run to several months but we will contact you to advise of current timescale for your project. The actual time taken to produce a standard video is 5 working days.

What is the process?
  • You send us your written script of around 200 words.
  • We will create storyboards so that you can see how the final video will look. (see example storyboard)
  • We will continue to refine the storyboards until you are happy with all the proposed visuals - anything can be easily changed at this stage.
  • Once both parties have agreed and signed off on the script and storyboard, we begin production and major changes are no longer possible.
  • At the end of your production week we will send you the video for review, and can make small tweaks if required.
  • On completion of your video we will send you the embed codes, the mp4 file, any assets you wish and can host on the Toolkit platform if appropriate. (see example resource and video)
Is there a cost?

As long as you are a member of staff or a student at the University of Aberdeen, our video production service is completely free of charge!

Can you make changes to my video?

If the information in your video becomes incorrect or outdated due to a change in date, course, staff, process, location etc. you can let us know and we will endeavour to make the necessary changes within 10 working days. We want to ensure information in Toolkit is always relevant and up-to-date, and rely on you to let us know of any changes.

Is there anything else I need to do?

We would ask that you read our Terms and Conditions before requesting any work as it is important you are aware of details such as copyright and confidentiality before we begin. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team!