*Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before requesting any work.

Hosting your existing materials

We are very happy to host existing materials - i.e. materials you have created - including, but not limited to, documentation, images, zip files or video. For this type of request please us directly at learners.toolkit@abdn.ac.uk.

New digital content requests

Please note:
We do not have any production weeks remaining for the 17/18 session. If you would like us to produce a video for you after September 2018, please get in touch via email: learners.toolkit@abdn.ac.uk

Our process

We will convert your request into rich and engaging digital content. To do this, we need you to provide detailed information about your resource and lend us your expertise.

To make this process as easy as possible we have created a digital content request form that will help us to structure your video.

We will then arrange to meet with you in person to explore specifics about the resource, which may include questions such as:

  • what style and content do you have in mind?
  • what additional information will we be using to structure the video?
  • which links, documents and downloads are required to supplement your resource?
  • what and how you want to communicate to your audience, and what is the "call to action"?

Overall, the meeting is to ensure we fully understand your content request so that the resource we create for you is effective and genuinely useful.

Our timescale

Your request will be added to our work queue and we will create it as soon as we can, our waiting list can run to several months but we will contact you to advise of current timescale for your project.

Our tips

We create scripts using a written document or PDF, and then create the visuals to match and tell your story. The basic script guidelines we use in-house are:

  • Videos should be around 90 seconds in length or viewers start to switch off
  • Approximately 180 words fit comfortably into 90 seconds
  • If appropriate, using a narrative or story makes the video more engaging
  • Videos should always finish with some kind of call to action for the viewer

In general, if the information you wish to convey can be written as a one page summary, we can create a video for you.

Not sure how to start?

You can download our Resource Request Example zip file which shows our full process, and may give you some inspiration. The video that was produced from this example request can be found on Learners' Toolkit.

Contact us

We look forward to working with you, and if you have any questions about the process you can email the team.