Patient & Public Involvement & Engagement

Patient & Public Involvement & Engagement

Public Engagement

We have a fun and lively public engagement group who run events throughout the year. As a department, we actively seek and create opportunities to engage with the public in different ways.

Award winning patient and public engagement

We're proud that HSRU's Magda Rzewuska was part of a team who won a 2023 Excellence Award for contribution to patient and public engagement.

HSRU is committed to making our research both relevant and accessible. The focus of our work is to find better ways of delivering healthcare.  Patients and the public are at the centre of what we do, and there are lots of opportunities for patients and the public to be involved with, and to find out about, our research. 

Patient and public involvement and engagement entails research being carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public, rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them. The word public can refer to patients, potential patients, carers and people who use health and social care services, people from organisations that represent people who use services as well as members of the public.   For further information see:


HSRU have won 11 public engagement awards since 2015


205 public engagement activities have been delivered by HSRU staff since 2019


HSRU’s public involvement partnetship group have been actively working with us since 2017


HSRU has used 11 different types of media to engage with the public

ACTIVITIES 2023-2024

HSRU have delivered 23 public engagement activities between 2023 & 2024