HERU Publications

HERU Publications

HERU Newsletters are regular bulletins updating developments within HERU. This can include recent research and publications, teaching and courses, and staff changes.

HERU Annual Reports summarise our activity and achievements over the year.

HERU Newsletters

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We highlight the PROSPECT trial on treatments for vaginal wall prolapse, and the 'Game of Stones' trial on engaging men in weight loss programmes by using text messaging and endowment incentives. Our discrete choice experiment course in Canada is also featured and we look forward to the event in Aberdeen in September. In staffing news, we feature the retirement of Professor Anne Ludbrook after over 35 years with HERU.


We highlight two new research projects around glaucoma research - the GRIP and the I-TRAC projects. We also feature our course on discrete choice experiments, which we hope to run in Canada and Aberdeen in 2022, and reports on events that staff have attended, including the COP26 in Glasgow.

We highlight two COVID-related studies - on vaccination hesitancy and on Long COVID in healthcare workers - and feature new projects on using mesh tapes in stress urinary incontinence surgery; managing substance misuse; and developing a pain assessment instrument to measure work ability. We also feature reports from some recent events, and highlight our blog posts and publications. 

The first newsletter of 2021 is also the first in our new format. We feature a recently funded trial on treatments for deep endometriosis, and a new project looking at a proposed telemedicine aid to help vulnerable rural patients. We also feature reports from some recent events, and highlight our blog posts and publications.