Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD

Our range of scholarships are designed to provide students with the opportunity to greatly enhance their studies and learning experiences.

Undergraduate scholarships reward talent and help widen access to university while postgraduate scholarships provide financial support to students who have already demonstrated excellence in their chosen field.

We currently have a particular need for PhD scholarships which provide students with the opportunity to drive forward independent, original, globally-important research. This also helps the University to recruit the most promising students from around the world, enriching the intellectual and social community in Aberdeen.

Students can apply for scholarships at each level of study and are awarded funds for the duration of their degree. 

These scholarships are established through a variety of generous donations made via online giving such as corporate giving, major gifts and legacies.

If you create a scholarship there are a number of benefits available including naming opportunities, receiving updates and an end of year report from your scholar(s) and an invitation to an annual Scholars’ Reception where you will get the opportunity to meet your scholar(s).