Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

In today’s challenging business environment companies need to find new ways to achieve competitive advantage. This requires attracting and retaining the most talented employees while creating local partnerships and making a positive impact on your local community.

Corporate partners of the University of Aberdeen can benefit in many ways while helping us to nurture the talent coming to Aberdeen. There are a range of opportunities for corporate giving.

Scholarships & Student Experience

3 students sitting on a benchScholarships have a significant impact on the daily lives of students, benefitting their studies and their whole university experience in so many ways – so much so that it very often makes the difference between someone being able to study and realise their dream or not.

Undergraduate scholarships reward talent and help widen access to university while postgraduate scholarships provide financial support to students who have already demonstrated excellence in their chosen field. We currently have a particular need for PhD scholarships which provide students with the opportunity to drive forward independent, original, globally-important research.

We need your support to offer scholarships for all the courses we provide from Accountancy to Zoology and from Medicine to Music.

We also aim to provide a wider student experience that is second to none while creating a lively sense of community and belonging. To enable us to deliver the highest quality learning experience there is an urgent need for funding to support the very best activities and services.

Your support of scholarships and student experience will not only enable us to invest in the future of students and in the future of the University, but also provides you with the opportunity to invest in future talent within your industry.

If you create a scholarship you will:-

  • Be able to name it as you wish
  • Receive updates and an end of year report from your scholar(s)
  • Be invited to an annual Scholars’ Reception where you will get the opportunity to meet your scholar(s)
  • Have the opportunity to mentor your scholar(s)
  • Help to achieve CSR goals while making a positive impact on your local community
  • Invest in the future of your business and your industry
  • Have the opportunity to recruit highly skilled, academically excellent candidates for placements or job opportunities

If you wish to discuss support of scholarships and student experience please contact us.

Medical Research

Picture of people in a labThe University of Aberdeen is recognised across the world as a leading centre of medical research which has changed people's lives.

The University is home to leading international scientists working at the frontier of our understanding of cancer, arthritis, eye disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, bone disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and many other conditions.

With your help, University researchers can find the treatments and cures which will benefit all of our communities for generations to come.


Old picture of two people in chain mail armour, armed with an axe and a spear, killing a red bull.Like all ancient institutions, the University’s long history has left a unique legacy of buildings, archival collections and memories.

Today, our role is to preserve this priceless legacy and make sure it can be studied and enjoyed by as wide a range of users as possible.

We need your help to maintain and restore the buildings, gardens and special collections which represent our rich history and heritage. To find out more please click here.


Tax Efficient Giving

Picture of a calculatorThere are several tax benefits available to companies making gifts to charity of money, shares, land, buildings, equipment or trading stock.

Businesses can get tax relief under the UK's Gift Aid scheme when they give money as either a single, one-off gift or as a regular donation, as these are simply deducted as a charge when calculating profit. Businesses do not deduct tax from the gift, and need simply to provide evidence for the Inland Revenue of the donation.

Giving certain shares, securities, buildings and land also attracts tax relief, in addition to the relief companies may be able to claim when calculating capital gains tax. A business cannot get tax relief for gifts of its own shares.

Please note there are different ways to maximise your tax relief if you are a sole trader or your business is a partnership.

For further information please contact us.

Get Staff Involved

Picture of inside the libraryAn increasing number of employers are using charitable giving as part of successful employee relations programmes. This can include:-

Encouraging your staff and joining them in designating the University of Aberdeen Development Trust as your annual charity.

Supporting staff who want to give regularly by introducing payroll giving whereby donations are deducted from an employee’s pay before tax is calculated. For employers, this is a convenient and easy-to-run contribution to employee relations and a demonstration of corporate social responsibility.

Establishing a matched giving scheme or encouraging staff to utilise a current scheme, whereby your company matches charitable donations and event fundraising of employees.

Establishing a Chair

Picture of Botanical GardensWe are committed to attracting the world’s finest academic leaders to Aberdeen to join more than 50 new professors in arts, science and technology who have arrived here during the last two years from all over the world.

If you have a particular interest in a specific area and would like to discuss establishing a Chair then please contact us.