13th International Gut Microbiology Symposium 2023

13th International Gut Microbiology Symposium 2023

Thank you all for a very successful 13th International Gut Microbiology Symposium 2023!

The conference was the 13th joint symposium on gut microbiology organised by the Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, and INRAE Clermont Auvergne Rhône Alpes Centre, Clermont Ferrand, France. The 2023 event was held in Aberdeen, Scotland at the state-of-the-art P&J Live Conference Venue.

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About the Conference

Held at P&J Live on the 13-15th June 2023, the 13th International Gut Microbiology Symposium explored the role of the complex microbial ecosystem present in the digestive tract of humans and animals in maintaining host health. A particular focus was on microbe-microbe and microbe-host interactions to advance our understanding of the role of these interactions in host welfare and health.

Sessions focussed on topics including colonisation resistance, spread of genes through environmental ecosystems, and successes in translating research into practice. Studies on all other topics related to the gut microbiota, including developing new approaches to study interactions between nutrition and gut microbial ecosystems as well as cross-talk between microorganisms and their host were also be welcomed.

The Rowett Institute, which was established over 100 years ago, played a major role in establishing the link between diet and health in the first half of the 20th of Century. Nowadays, the Institute is situated in the specially made medical campus, Foresterhill, which is one of the largest health campuses in Europe and plays a huge role in UK research in nutrition and human health

Topics included:

  1. Interactions between microbiota, pathogens and host
  2. Impact of nutrition on gut microbiome and health
  3. One Health – Linking microbes in the environment, humans and animals
  4. Beyond the lab: Applying microbiome research in practice
  5. Other

About Aberdeen | Learn more at www.visitabdn.com

Situated on the North-East coast of Scotland - Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and Europe’s energy capital, and is a bustling cosmopolitan city, rich in history. Situated on the east coast, Aberdeen’s beaches are scattered across the 165-mile coastline and continue along the north Banffshire coast, eventually leading to untouched dunes. Aberdeenshire is home to 263 ancient castles, archaeological Pictish stones and has the largest number of whisky distilleries of any whisky producing area in Scotland. 

The city is rich in history from its maritime past of boat building and fishing industries, and has now been modernised with the Oil and Gas industry. There are museums and the newly refurbished Aberdeen Art Gallery, along with a thriving independent restaurant scene and live music venues with daily entertainment.


Local Organising Committee: 

  • Dr Karen Scott, Senior Research Fellow, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Petra Louis, Senior Research Fellow, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Alan Walker, Senior Lecturer, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Sylvia Duncan, Senior Research Fellow, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Silvia Gratz, Senior Research Fellow, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Jade McGowan, CPD Business Development Officer, University of Aberdeen
  • Cara Nicolson, CPD Administrator, University of Aberdeen


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