Stacks Alive: The Hunter Caldwell Awards

Stacks Alive: The Hunter Caldwell Awards

This is a past event

In this event, the Aberdeen Humanities Fund will review the outcomes of four initial pilot projects that were the recipients of support from the Hunter Caldwell Awards:

Nightowl, Aberdeen BestiaryThe Aberdeen Humanities Fund is an initiative to support leading research in the humanistic disciplines being conducted in the University, enriching the cultural life of the institution, the city and the surrounding region. 

In collaboration with the Special Collections Centre, and the Friends of Aberdeen University Library, the Aberdeen Humanities Fund has showcased a range of new work in relation to material held at Aberdeen, through the Stacks Alive programme. 

This instalment of Stacks Alive will feature presentations from the four Hunter Caldwell Award holders:

  • Dr Andrew Gordon (English) Sir Robert Beale Correspondence Project: Opening the Diplomatic Letter in Early Modern Europe
  • Dr Adelyn Wilson (Law) Spalding’s Practicks and the Aberdeen Commissary Court in the Seventeenth Century
  • Dr Suk-Jun Kim (Music) The Aberdeen Bestiary: Sound-Image-Narrative
  • Prof. Karin Friedrich (History) Duncan Liddel’s Library in University of Aberdeen’s Special Collections: Polymathy and Humanist Networks between Scotland and the Continent

Please join us to reflect on these engaging and innovative projects and to learn more about the developments of the Aberdeen Humanities Fund.

Professor Karin Friedrich, Dr Suk-Jun Kim, Dr Adelyne Wilson, Dr Andrew Gordon
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Special Collections Centre

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